Word Verification

Anyone having as much fun as I am with word verification? Or am I just to easily amused.

The very first WV that caught my eye was FODWOX. It can be used for any special occasion. If your grandchild shows you his bruised knee, you just say... 'Fodwox! That must have hurt" If your good friend gives you a pair of earrings that you've been waiting to buy... you say "Thank you.... you are just fodwox!" If you see your hubby's nice looking bottom in his tight jeans walking around the corner of the house, you say.... " hubba hubba Fodwox. " (Stealing a little hubba hubba limelight from Julie over at Another Chance Ranch.)

I'm sure not all the WV's are as versatile as that one. Hope you might share in the fun and
get your creative juices flowing - let me hear what you come up with in your blogger language.

I'll start:

Kugsx The sound made when people suck food from between their teeth.
Oubsru OH! You BS'er YOU!
Mkador Make a Door (then run) from Susy in VA

Now it's your turn..........................


Going to be busy this weekend.... so I won't be seeing my blog again until sunday.
Hope to come back to some fun interpretations.


willowtree said…
Lock in B Regis. Too easily amused.
Susan in va said…
OOOOH!! My creative juices are flowin':

Blephf - The sound I make when I spit out sweet potatoes.

Akuzfoe - Accuse foe.

Mikazdau - Isn't there a war going on there now?

Ylzydec - Melchezedec's less known brother.

Ztucum - Well, "Z to come" after Y.

Now, my word verification is "eyliixa". This one's too easy.
Karmyn R said…
Okay -

Anazjon - the French warrior woman

I agree with Susan - Blephf is the sound of my children spitting out zucchini.

Piffcepr is the new acid reflux medicine.

Blfiek - Oblivious person - a bliviak.

Eifup - to EIF UP - to give it up or give in or admit to.

My WV for you now is: PJBUDZI
in other words: my children's nighttime friend - their PJ Buddies
Karmyn R said…

GDHCUSI - Good Excusy
Debs said…
Fsylu another way to say Ladies room ... Female Loo

Blephf the sound a baby makes after burping.
Anonymous said…
Are you sure these are sounds and not new planets?
SongBird said…
Pfuagari----the sound I make when I think of my ex-boyfriend Gary

Cfewcs---Confucious's younger brother

Ussftt---the sound my cat makes when I accidentally step on her tail
SongBird said…
I left one off!

Iwwrdo---alternate spelling for "weirdo"
Anonymous said…
fsylu, fsylu

Song song by the Oakridge Boys, about a hairy girlfriend
Felicia said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
felicia said…

Quark's favorite Ferengi Beverage
(Star Trek Deep Space 9)
He only liked gold and 'hew-mon' women better!

Word verification:
as opposed to myhatt
Pamela said…
Willowtree is going to have to explain that "pithy" statement as it flew over my head.

I love it...
fuzzy lu fuzzy lu... ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Ylzydec - Melchezedec's less known brother LOL-BRL

hxxmz: he loves loves meeeez
willowtree said…
Pamela, it's a reference to Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. (which was even more clever considering that Regis doesn't even do it over here).

In case you haven't seen it, the contestant is given four answers to choose from, when they have decided they tell Regis Filburn to 'lock it in'.

Your first sentence was "Anyone having as much fun as I am with word verification? Or am I just to easily amused."

Hence 'Lock in B Regis. Too easily amused'

So I was not only able to make fun of you, I also corrected your spelling too.

But then, that's just the kind of guy I am!
Pamela said…
you won't believe it... but as I was driving home today I figured it out.

Then I felt kind of an Eftvto
Bonnie B said…
I've got to consult the lesser known philosopher Cfewcs before I answer my word verfication
gdxvtcxy which is what people say when they don't want to use God's name in vain after hitting themselves with a hammer or hurting themselves in some way; however, I hear gang members have adopted the term to mean "God "x" vat sexy thing"-- isn't that just terrible? "Oh gdxvtcxy!"
Robin said…
Mine right now is phnvp, aka Phone Vamp. We are definitely too easily amused. What would we do without Willowtree pointing out our misspelled words and grammar transgressions?

Hey, can't remember who now, but someone used your foxwod at Pensieve (I don't think it was you, but who knows? lol).
Julie said…
Oh Fodwox!!

Okay, I have been lurking here. Then I saw a comment on someone else's blog asking where I was, and why wasn't I here. Well, the reason I have been just lurking is because I haven't been able to come up with anything. And the ones I come up with something on, someone else has already said it (like Songbird and weirdo).

I will try to be creative here. This could take a while though.

Oh Fodwox again! quiuaqob

I dunno seriously! Sorry! But I am here. Does that count?
Anonymous said…
what entertains the troops ivy

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