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Favorite Sounds

Rain pattering on the sky window,

The muffled quiet of falling snow.

Crickets and frogs in the cool of a fading fall evening.

Thunder in the distance.

The wind mourning a path around the eaves of the house while our wood fire snaps and crackles.

 A song sparrow announcing the rising sun of the early summer day break.

Owls calling to each other through the trees.

The stuttered purr of a contented cat.

A haunting train whistle in the valley while I snuggle beneath the blankets.

A red-winged blackbird, from his perch on a cattail, announcing his territory during mating season. 

Children giggling with pure delight,

The laughter of a stream tickling the rocks! 

The constant farewell of the ocean as it waves goodbye to the deep.

...............What are your favorite sounds?