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Bacon Bacon

 In November I spent several weeks with my daughter after her surgery.  One evening,  9 year-old grandson Squeak was playing a game on his computer with his best friend Arty.  The Covid way - both at their own homes connected live on the internet. My daughter and I had enjoyed listening to them joking and giggling while they played. When Arty's mom called him to dinner,  Squeak disconnected and walked in to sit with us. "Arty's family is vegetarian," my daughter mentioned. "In fact, I think his mom is a vegan!" I looked up at her from my Kindle to connect my thoughts. "You know," I sighed, "Being a vegetarian is fine. But I could never be a Vegan. Can you imagine never having butter or cheese?" "Just nope!." She answered.  "Cheese is not negotiable." "I could be a vegan, " Squeak announced with some serious head nods. Then he added a clarification. "As long as I could eat Bacon!"

It Was A Spectacle (Then it wasn't)

  Last week was TRASH your eyewear week! Thursday: The Hubby decided to paint the hallway. As he bent over to coat the roller, his readers slid off his head and disappeared into the latex Friday: The Hubby was wearing his prescription glasses while he used the skill saw in the garage. A lens just popped right out and onto the bench. When he attempted to pop it back in, he saw the crack in the frame Saturday: The Hubby was reading across from me at the kitchen table. ( which I've confess we share with the cat). I left the room. Whereupon my return I stepped with a huge crunch, barefoot, upon another pair of readers. Which, we presume, was batted effectively off the table by our playful Siamese, Bean.

Six Chances and a Bite from an Apple

Propped up in bed, 7 a.m.  (To me that feels like sleeping in and that I got close to 8 hours of beauty rest.  But, that's not where my thoughts should be spinning right now.  Damn "SQUIRREL!" inerference.) Anyhoo..... I grabbed my cell phone and opened FACEBOOK.  (Yes, I'm one of those oldies)  A friend said she didn't WORDLE.  Another SQUIRREL! So I searched for it immediately.  New Trend, Everybody is doing it.  (I mean - like - everybody!) The trick would be to read the directions first.  Which I didn't.  Simply put you have five blank boxes, six lines deep.  Six opportunities to guess a five-letter word from no hint whatsoever.  You type in a word, hit enter.  If a letter is correct it will pop yellow.  If correct and in the correct space it will pop green. I got three green letters on my very first attempt.  I hadn't read the WORDLE instructions so I wasted the next attempt.  (That is why cooking in my kitchen is such a recipe for disaster.) Long sto