Smoke gets in my eyes

This has been a miserable week of coughing, burning eyes, sneezing and generally feeling like an old smoker.

There is a wild fire about 30 miles to our southeast that has burned over 65,000 acres.

Some of our friends who live close to the mountains could see the reflection at night.

(Picture from newspaper)

I've been a little bit self-centered, and I'm feeling quite guilty. So much is being destroyed, and here I am complaining.... cough, choke, sneeze , spittum and all that stuff that grosses the other ladies out.

I hope it rains soon.


Karmyn R said…
And here the farmers are burning their fields - so when I drove to the kindergarten today to register, the kids and I were coughing and choking. The fields about 2 miles away were on fire - all black smoke. the kids were impressed by that, of course. They wondered where the firetrucks were!
Susan in va said…
This kind of thing isn't common in my neck of the woods, but earlier this year I drove by a mountain that was engulfed in flames on one side. I've never seen (or smelled) anything like it before. It's sad to drive by that mountain now and see the charred remains of trees surrounded by lush green forest.
ian said…
We get some bad wildfires out here. You might remember the Hayman fire back in 2002 that was so big and bad it made international news. It was started intentionally too!

We've been fortunate this year not to have any major fires.

Thanks for stopping by the ol' blogstead, by the way!

Debs said…
Sad to see wild fires. There are wildfires a county over from me, and still going on. The firefighters are exhausted from the heat of sun and fire beating down on them.
Anonymous said…
Smoke has been in the valley from the Winthrop area fires, probably Chelan too. Am always thankful when the rains and cool weather come to help stop the fires.
Bonnie B said…
All I can say is that is one awesome picture. OK now that I am finished being superficial, I hope you get to feeling better-- that smoke is brutal.
Anonymous said…
spittum. now thats funny. ivy

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