The first stroke

I pulled out my watercolors this afternoon. I wanted to begin a portrait of my Benjammin kid.

I have a camping photograph with a real smile on the kids face, so I knew that it was one I could use. I chose the colors that I thought would match his blond hair and pink cheeks. Hair color is the more difficult of the two. I tested on scratch paper that I save for just that. The water was prepared and the brushes were chosen; I laid out a clean towel for my little brush rituals and for spills.

Then it hit me, just like it always does. The fear of the first stroke. I just sit there...frozen, scared, wondering what the heck I'm doing thinking I can paint a picture. (In this case a portrait of a grandson.)

The feeling does not pass. I just have to force myself to pick up the brush and find a spot to begin.

I hope to start another watercolor class this September so that I can learn more skills and become more confident. My teacher is amazing. I watch her in fascination and envy. I want to be just like her!

I've discovered, in watching the teacher, that she and I do share one thing in common. She also suffers the fear of the first stroke. I'm in good company.

Just to be entertaining I am posting the very first one of my paintings that made it to a frame. It was done three years ago when I first started classes. Haystack Rock on the Oregon Coast. It hangs and looks better in one of our bathrooms than it does on my blog.


SongBird said…
I think your painting is beautiful. The reflection in the water is amazing. You are obviously very talented. What a wonderful gift!
rose said…
Wow that is beautiful What is it that you don't do? Rose
Bonnie B said…
So beautiful. I am impressed. If I'd done it, the rock would have looked like a lump-- seriously, a giant smudge lump
scrapbookmom said…
That's beautiful. You have serious talent. Don't be afraid to get that brush to work. You're awesome!
Pass The Torch said…
Painter's Block.

I'm sure they all get it. Your watercolor is beautiful.

Pass the Torch
Julie said…
That is beautiful!! Do you hire out? :) I want new art work for the new house. I hope we are able to see more of your work.
Debs said…
That is just beautiful! :) Show us more, but no pressure ;)
Susan in va said…
Beautiful!! You are very talented. I always wished that I could sing and paint and I'm average at best at both :(

You have a Benjamin? So do I!!
KellyF said…
What a beautiful painting. Is watercolor difficult? I've always wanted to try.
Shauna said…
From what I see here I don't know why you would freeze up. . .Very pretty!
Can't wait until you have your Benjamin finished!
Kailani said…
You have such great artistic talent. I wish I could do something creative like that.
willowtree said…
I LOVE your paintings, I'm so envious. And don't worry it looks just fine on your blog too.

I'm so glad that you aren't in hospital, that 'First Stroke' title shook me a bit at first.
Swampwitch said…
I have painter's block even if it's just paint-by-number...which number first?
Laura said…
Very pretty. I admire anyone who can paint. I can do paper dolls and that is the extent of my talent.

And like Willowtree, I had a moment of wondering if you were talking about a STROKE.
Pamela said…
I am convinced anyone can paint. Anyone!
Everyone just has to find their own nitch. One of my painting buddies loves flowers and fruit.
Another paints animals.
I've tried alot but have found that I like to paint people more than anything else.

The downside to water colors is you can't paint over them if you boo boo.
I have never tried acrylics, pastels, or oils.

And I'm sorry that I scared anybody... that was a weird title.
Yvonne said…
That's excellent! What a talent you have!
Karmyn R said…
I do have a Benjamin picture - with the Canadian geese - but just not his is my favorite one, of course.
Pass The Torch said…
Good morning Pamela, I 'm just replying to your comment on my site. I reworded the post so maybe it's clearer? If it's the "shoutout" that's confusing, that's just telling your readers about PTT. The other section I reworded is what I was looking for in comments - basically I'm just wondering what people think I should change about the site and what Wordpress users have learned about Wordpress.

Sorry if it was a combobulated post;) And thanks for visiting!!

(You can delete this comment, if you want. I just didn't have your email.)
ian said…
Hey, that's awesome! No, not everybody can paint. I can't. That's why I cheat and use photos for my webcomic.

Robin said…
I thought I had commented on this already--grrrrrrrrrrrr! I bet Blogger was being a pain and I got frustrated or something!

You've got talent, chickadee. You inspire me. I'm an artist wanna be, but I don't have have the fear of first stroke, I have the fear of even trying.

Have you begun your portrait yet? :)
Anonymous said…
the first stroke should be hard ivy

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