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More Conversations ….With

Grandchildren Grandma: Dinkum -- let me give you a hug and a kiss Dinkum, 5 1/2: If you have Fifty-five bucks. *** Z-bub, 7 1/2, shares his brother's  belief that he’s too old to be kissing grandma. The other day I was showing him one of those cute videos on U-tube with dogs and cats. I was completely caught off guard when he leaned against my shoulder and put his fingers up my head and began to caress my hair.  I never said a word… just enjoyed the moment. *** Dinkum: "What does Hallelujah mean?" Mom:  Well, it’s like being thankful and full of praise.  A word for worship. Dinkum:  “Then why does that one song say it's raining men, hallelujah ?” *** Dinkum: "Grandma! We had chinese food." Grandma: Yum!  What food did you eat? Devo: I had chicken on a stick, pineapple chicken and spilled water. ***  Saw this picture on another forum recently and felt I had to post it in honor of Dinkum.  It speaks for itself. *** C aboose wil