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Up Over from Down Under

When I arrived home from work there was an envelope waiting for me from Willow Tree, NSW Australia.

Why? Because of Mappa Tassie.

I decided to inspect it closely.
Note: There was a Dangerous Goods Statement.
Note: It was addressed to a Tough Bag. Oooooouch!

Note: I opened it carefully and peaked inside. No poisonous snakes or spiders.

Awwwwwww! Surprise. An Australian Flag, Australian Flag Stickers, and Australian Flag Tattoos. And, a 3 phase fridge magnet. Bobble your head and choose between wombats, Koalas and Kangaroos. This is fun!

Does it get any better than that.

Here is my 2008 Birds of Australia Calendar. You can't impress better than this.

Thank you so much Peter. It will hang above my computer desk and I will enjoy it every day next year.

Fun Monday - Unfinished Proje

Blue Momma (of Life in The Fish Bowl)
is hosting todays Fun Monday.
She finds that having a toddler is hampering her ability to finish projects. To reassure herself that others share the unfinished project gene, she has requested that we expose ourselves.

I have a whole pile of unfin

Wordless Wednesday - First Snowfall


Fun Monday #42, A trip Down Memory Lane

Karisma is today's Fun Monday Host! She requested that we share a Trip down Memory Lane. The story that pops up now and then and gets better and better with each telling is the one she wants to hear.

Having 7 elder siblings gave the following story a run for its money at many family- get- together.

It's also a trip down memory lane because I posted it one year ago (and hang that Perfect Post button in my side bar as a gift from Kelly of Pass The Torch.)

I hope you don't mind hearing it one more time.

The Runaway -- written as I remember that day.

I decided to run away from home when I was about 5 years old.My best friend Beth lived down a hill and across several acres of prime dairy farm.There were a few barbed wire fences and a herd of black and white Holstein cows along the way.Those small things, however, were not going to stop me.I was going to go live with her. Life would be good at her house.She didn’t have any brothers.I threw all my earthly belongings into Moms old…

Pensieve's Poetic License

Robin(The Pensieve One)has invited us all to the debut of her first Pensieve's Poetic License. She's made it very easy by suggesting a simple Limerick about Thanksgiving. I've decided to join her group of rhyming bloggers and add my silly little offering.

Old Abe made a big proclamation
That “thanks” be the prayer of a nation
But Cranberries and yams
And turkeys and hams
Have since become glutinous temptation

It's a Shin-Dig

Julie (Another Chance Ranch) and Tiffany (Tiggerlane, the Neophyte blogger) are soon moving in to their new homes.We watched the groundbreaking, the foundations poured, the walls and roofs raised, and the electricians in the crawl space.We approved tile, cabinets, and faucet designs.The only thing more fun would be moving in with them.In the real world that won’t happen, but I’m sure we’ll observe that part with envy in the near future.Meanwhile, we’ve all been invited to a cyberspace house warming.It’s a Shin-Dig at Swampys!I love cyber shopping!Money is no object.My only limitations was narrowing down the choice of what I would gift these two wonderful blogging friends, with the idea in mind that it would be something they would enjoy at the new house.HAPPY HOUSE WARMIN' TO JULIE!A Chuck Box from Texas Country Furniture
I picture you and McD having fun with the grandkids out for a picnic with Hickory, Ruby, and Babe. Just roll this out, or prop it next to the front porch and hav…

Wordless Wednesday - Headed South


Fun Monday #41: Mother May I?

Hootin' Annie is the host of todays Fun Monday. She asked that we take 30 giant steps in any direction and take a photo. She directed us to take a photo and write a short essay. Then take 15 baby steps back and repeat the process.
Mother May I?
I took my giant steps East from my work station, through the patio doors and almost to the east side fence. This is where I arrived.
The bird feeder that the hubby built for me some years ago stands between a Blue Spruce and a Lace leaf Maple. I no longer rush out the patio door and clap my hands to chase the squirrels away. I surrendered seasons ago. Now I fill it with peanuts for the little tail swisher. For the birds I hang tubes of sunflower seeds and thistle. Occasionally a Crow or Magpie challenges the squirrel. I enjoy the rare visit of a shimmering Stellar Jay.

Fifteen baby steps back brings me to a Christmas gift I received from my "baby" several years ago. Amanda (aka Mandy), my youngest daughter chose this bird b…

Veterans Day 2007

Or call a Soldier, a Sailor, a Marine, an Airman, a National Guard, or a Coast Guard.

The Hopyard Hobo - the final chapter

Written by my late father (1900-1977)

Part 1of my father's short journal told about the depression and his experiences in California. Part 2narrated a satisfying 5 weeks living off the fat of the land on a self sufficient farm in Southern Oregon. Befriended by a Hop grower in Part 3, he was hired as a chauffeur and then offered a job in the hop fields. Dad described his first impression of life on in a Hop Yard in Part 4. His high hopes of continuing the easy chauffeur type duties were doused by a hard dose of manual labor. The teasing by his fellow crew members and the young Russian beauties are not mentioned again. I think this says much about his discretion; Dad didn't kiss and tell. Part 5describes a Hop Yard in the 1930's with detail - just in case you wonder where your beer has its earthy beginnings. Dad became the nozzle man on the spraying crew and a raise in pay. Nora, the bosses daughter, eloped in Part 6. He didn't suggest it in any way, but I wondered if …

Wordless Wednesday - REFLEXION


October's Perfect Post

Today I invite all of you to visit this October 21 post titled Do I Enjoy Rain. Make sure you turn up your speakers and sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Congrationlations, Inland Empire Girl, who blogs at Gathering Around The Table, You are nominated for Octobers Perfect Post!

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