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Oh No! I forgot my.....

With all the usual  hub bub of the Christmas season it seemed an impossible task for my daughter to plan and implement a wedding. Especially one decided upon after a life changing event in November.  There were lots of things that had to be done.  One day we took the grandchildren out to the parks and collected pine cones.  They helped turn them into sparkling center pieces. The venue was chosen in another town about an hour away.  A future relative of hers gave her the deal of the century.  Free. The days flew by and everything seemed to just fall together. There had been no hitches or glitches.  None. Just hours before the wedding we packed up the grand children and drove away.  We had all the other things that we were responsible to transport to the ceremony.  Our clothes were hanging on the door hook and our personal bags were placed in the back of our vehicle.  The bride had gone ahead and was already involved with the pre-ceremony preparations. After we arr