What does a Grandpa do?

He cut down a tree . He ripped up a yard. He lived through about as much mud and dust as if he lived in a tent. Sometimes he got a little help from grandma, who really rocks. He put up with the razzing about his perfectionist ways. He dug a hole and turned it into a lovely pool and waterfall. Finally, when his 9 year old granddaughter, the red headed girl, said "it isn't a pond, grandpa, until you have fish," he stopped partying and released some goldfish. He made his grandchildren happy. He makes me happy. If you look very close, you might even see the fish smilin'.


ô ô


dieter said…
I do like your pictures they bring a little sunshine on a cloudy day.
Thanks for sharing .
Karmyn R said…
"Release the fish"

I hope they survive and grow as a remembrance of your life together!!
Shauna said…
What a wonderful grandpa! Bet grandma is just as wonderful!
I have family in Vancouver, WA. . Are you anywhere close?
Kailani said…
Is Grandpa still wearing his Hawaiian Luau outfit? LOL!
Susan in va said…
Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've only been blogging since last month, so what you saw is all I have. Yours looks interesting. It's my bedtime now, I'll have to read more in the morning with my coffee :)

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