Dinner, gastropods and backing up.

Amanda is here for a visit (with little Curly Mop), so the hubby fixed her favorite dish for dinner. She said, "mom, post a picture of pop's stew on your blog."

So here's dinner. Yes, those are green olives in the stew!

Later, when Curly Mop was fast asleep, Amanda headed out the front door to meet up with a friend just back from Iraq. She poked her head back in and said "Mom, there is a slug on the sidewalk."

She placed her key beside it just to prove we weren't photoshopping. We could rope and saddle him up and attempt eight seconds without sliding off. You first.

It was officially 97 degrees here today in spite of the heavy layer of blue smoke in the valley. Slugs are the wet and rainy lovers so I was perplexed.

Hey.... maybe he's a Blogger Tech? (I've been hoping for some help on step number four on the back up your blog instructions.)

Perhaps word is out about the new pond in the back yard.

The pink lily bloomed today.


Debs said…
The stew looks yummy :)

That is a huge Slug. I hate those things.

LOVE your pond. Thanks for sharing your pics. :)
Pass The Torch said…
Because we have the free blogger platform, we skip number four. That's why you have to copy paste your whole template into another document (Word or something). You replace your whole template with the script they show you, which is VERY NERVERACKING!!! I prayed a lot;)

Then after the backup, you paste the saved template back where it was to begin with and publish.

That's why you're confused about #4 - because free blogspot users don't do that part.
Shauna said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
willowtree said…
I just read the backup instructions from the link you gave.

Holy crap! That's not for the faint hearted (nor computing newbies). It's not really backing up as such, and it is fraught with danger.
Susan in va said…
So I see Amanda took my advice, packed up the kids, and headed to mom's. I would LOVE a bowl of that stew (w/o the olives!) - you're makin' me hungry! And the slug? EWWWWW! Those things creep me out!
Shauna said…
The stew does look yummy! I've never had olives in stew before. . .Guess it would be something to try. . .

We rented a house once that had slugs as big as Cigars and I'm not kidding! They are sooooo GROSS!
Karmyn R said…
Yum, Green Olive Stew - one of those recipes that always tastes best when dad makes it!!!
Biker Betty said…
I agree, that is a huge slug!! I haven't seen a real slug since I moved out of California in 1979.

I love your pond. Great pic of it.
Julie said…
O that stew looks delicious!!! Keep the olives in there! Yum!!! It's kind of funny, I am that way about my Dad and his oatmeal. No one fixes it half as good as my Dad.

Nice big slug!! We used to dig up worms, slugs and grubs to fish with. This is a rather large slug! Nice find Amanda! What a true blogger you are to photo it for us! :)

Can I rent a lawn chair? I have quite a bit of homework and would love to do it while sitting in a chair by your pond. :)
SongBird said…
Stew----yummy!!! I love olives.

Slug----yech!!! I do not love slugs.

Lily----beautiful!!! I love flowers.
Julie said…
Do you know how hard it is to go to sleep with a song stuck in your head?

Getting to know you
Getting to know all about you.

HHMPH! Thanks! Well, at least it wasn't a head-banging song. LOL There is a silver lining everywhere, you just have to look pretty hard sometimes. :)

You know I love ya!!!
Swampwitch said…
OK, just a couple of items:

forget me understanding the backup instructions . . .I still can't get my pics to post in the correct place with my text.

you sent a comment but there was no comment . . .I know I'm usually confused, but this is more that I can handle . . .

maybe you should send the slug to Ree . . .they have some really interesting things they do with animals out there on the ranch.
Swampwitch said…
OK, it's me again . . .
How in the world did you get those horses to sing on my GLOB?
You are too funny.
You get an A+ for you Musical/Rhythmical assignment.
See Multiple Intelligences/
Multiple Personalities . . .
Walker said…
Never thought of olives in stew. Is that a firehouse secret? Can we have a description of all ingredients and method?

Pond looks FABULOUS.
Robin said…
Blech on olives but YUMYUMYUM on the stew!

You should've sent the slug back with Amanda for her kids to take to school. Or put salt on it and watched it shrivel, unless you're against the torment of icky insects (or w/e a slug is).

Ah, the lily...it belonged in a post all by itself. Your pond is...B E A U T I F U L (do you ever get tired of hearing it?)
Amanda said…
I agree with Karmyn. My stew lacks compared to dad's. Can never get it right. I prefer the cabbage over the green beans in it, but it was still the best dinner ever! And thanks for watching Johs so I could visit with my buddy from Iraq. It had been too long
Anonymous said…
green olives blech! ivy

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