They are here

Ran across this at another blog I visit daily, and I had to share it.
Just needed to prove that there are aliens among us.



Anonymous said…
Those are funny! Very creative.
Susan in va said…
AAAA!!! If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't have believed it! Freaky.

My w.v. is "ewtka" - "Cute" in pig latin. HEE HEE.
Yvonne said…
I have never seen anything like that! Thanks for checking out my blog - I left a comment under your comment on my blog - and I love your's! I have already put it on my favorites list! I love the way you write - your humor and insight. Also, love all the pictures!
Katie said…
I saw you visited my blog, so I thought I'd come see yours, too. It was nice talking to you today at the wedding, and I guess I might see you at church tomorrow.

Karmyn R said…
giggle giggle snort snort
Robin said…
I honestly don't know WHAT to say...that guy has WAAAAYYY too much time (he should write a blog or something).

But I'm gigglin' and snortin' with Karmyn.

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