Fun Monday - Childhood Memories

Our Fun Monday Host this week is Molly, Return of the White Robin. She requested that we share a fond memory of childhood and some pictures.

There are very few pictures of my childhood. There are, however, many memories.

Little snippets of sounds and smells raced through my mind today as I tried to find a trail to follow. I jotted down many that I hoped would provide me with an idea for today's assignment.

Then, I realized that these little bits and pieces are part of the jig saw puzzle of me -- of who I am. You don't have to put them together, but I think you'll see the picture.

Childhood Memories

The chorus of frogs from the pond in the lower pasture that lulled us to sleep on warm summer nights.

Catching polliwogs in the creek that disappeared several pastures over into a foliage camouflaged ravine.

The distinct sweet smell of new born kittens inside a barrel in the fruit house

The hunt for the elusive Tiger Lily in the open fields, and the pungent smell of the forest floor where the wild ginger grew.

Being a beautiful princess held captive at the top of the huge rock pile under the wafting scent of the mock orange. Or, on a hot day, in the center dungeon of the fragrant lilac bush.

The “hot rods” my brothers constructed from old lumber and wagon wheels – My heart racing with them down the steep incline that lead to the highway.

Walking to school as the rain dribbled over my nose and cheeks; and the sloshing in my shoes. The clinking and knocking of the old radiators, and the smell of wet kids.

Mom snapping the ringer wrinkles from the towels prior to hanging them on the clotheslines. Then, the freshness clinging to the dry ones retrieved in the wicker basket.

The huge garden, dirt under my fingernails, fresh beet greens, and the wind rustling through the corn stalks.

Dad turning the “separator” while the milk flowed from one spout and the cream from another.

The sulfur odor of the first match struck to light the wood stove on an early winter morning.

You're invited to join the reminiscing - head on over to Molly's right now -- before this Monday is a memory, too!


debi said…
This was wonderful. I also love the smell of the first match of the first fire of the season. We have just a woodstove for heat and even though it gets old after a while, I love that smell.
willowtree said…
Holy dooley, I didn't realise you were that old!! Do you know Laura Ingalls?
Gattina said…
I loved to read this ! it's so interesting to see what people remember of their childhood. Mine was rather boring and I really don't remember anything special.
karisma said…
Hmmm WT is in fine form for an invalid isn't he? I was just thinking about you walking in the rain and wondering, did you ever get sick? I remember getting soaked and it never bothered us at all. These days, kids get a little wet and they end up with Pneumonia, so whats with that anyway?
Molly said…
Grand memories Pamela. Thank you for joining us for this Fun Monday with your poetic view of your childhood. You must have had some fine times.
Hootin' Anni said…
Pamela!! This is one terrific Fun Monday entry. Your words, brought back so many of the good memories of growing up myself. Wow. I'm gonna love this week's theme Molly chose for us.

I also like the way you said, it's all like a jigsaw puzzle of what makes you you. Perfect.

My Fun Monday is shared too, I hope you can stop by and read it, if you haven't already --since I'm just now going through the Mr. Linky's at Mollys before I get to my own comments to read who has visited!! Take care, have a great day. [PS --you have to scroll below my 'walk in the park' photos to reach my F M entry!!]
Anonymous said…
Who needs photographs when you can write like that? Those little snippets took me back, too.
WT...wouldn't you just love to break his other leg?
Beckie said…
Oh that WT....

You painted quite a picture in my mind's eye with your writing. I could almost smell that first match of the morning.
Bonnie B said…
I loved playing the captive princess, the stranded on a deserted island princess, the tied up princess

Hunting for tiger lilies is still one of my favorite pastimes.

Thanks for the memories-- and so beautifully written
Unknown said…
I like that you included so many smells. I love the smell of lilacs and sulpher from the match used to light the fireplace.
beautifully written, as usual. though you claim not to have many pictures, you have painted a beautiful picture with your words
Heather said…
What lovely memories. I had forgotten about our own hiding place - the middle of a HUGE rhododendron plant in our backyard until reading about your lilac bush.

And I've seen one of those old fangled milk separators, but it was a novelty as a kid that one of our friends had. It's amazing how things change so quickly!
Anonymous said…
There's this fun creative blog called Inspire Me Thursday. I bring it up because this week's inspiration is hummingbirds.
Anonymous said…
What a great post of memories of sites and smells and sounds. Love it. That photo is great...
Jan said…
Great post with wonderful memories. Love the walking to school in the rain memory. I remember walking to school in fog so thick you couldn't see 2 feet in front of you. This has been a real Fun Monday.
ChrisB said…
Your words are so descriptive you get an immediate image as you read each memory. I love the photo as well :)
Dear pamela. What on earth is a polliwogs?

ha ha to willowtree.
Carla said…
Childhood memories are so magical. I enjoyed reading this one.
Who needs pictures when you have the words to recollect?

Very well said.
Anonymous said…
Well written and wonderful. I can visualize it all in my head.

Thanks for sharing!
IamwhoIam said…
Funny how many of you memories are linked with smell, they say it is actually a stronger reminder than any other. Enjoy your recalling the small things that make the whole.
Sandy said…
It's official - we're both old! I remember walking home from school in the rain also with my bookbag wrapped in plastic so that my books and homework wouldn't get wet!

Thanks for the trip back.
I enjoyed your post and it is amazing that you posted it on the day that we are having a group over and the theme of the meeting is childhood memories. You made me think of the forest back home and the fun I had pretending to be this and that.
Pamela said…
debi - I love a fireplace - but my wood stove heating days are over (I hope)

WT: You're gonna find your butt on the bank of plum creek, plum done in
hee hee

Gattina: Yours had to be special - because you are so!

Karisma: Ha - you're a match for WT's wit. No. I never had colds- but my sister always did.

Molly: and some bad ones, too. I hope no one asks for those some Fun Monday

Hootin' Anni: My puzzle is missing some pieces .. snort.

Swampy: they sure are photos in my head, and nose, and ears, etc. Do you ever notice nothing tastes as good as when you were a kid?

Beckie: I knew I could sleep a little longer - and the house would be warm.

Bonnie B: me, too.

lisa marie: especially the old fashioned lilacs -- the new hybrids are just not the same

janet planet: thanks. Means much coming from someone I think is quite handy with word pictures.

Heather: Not a novelty when I was a kid. And then we got to churn the butter, too.

Ellen B: Do you think I had a future as a model, in that picture. What a scrawny little mutt I was.

Jan: Fog is one thing I really don't care for.

Chris B: Yes -- I actually had some mind wandering and nearly didn't get my post done.

Little Miss Moi: Polliwogs, tadpoles, baby frogs. All the same
daddy d said…
Nice range of thoughts. That bunch of thought suggests lots of poistive past memories.
Jo Beaufoix said…
Pamela that was beautiful, like a poem. You described these things so well I felt like I could smell and taste and touch. Brilliant writing.
Shelby said…
You took me back to my childhood too.. oh this was special, very special. I can close my eyes and see it and hear it and feel it..
Oh! I had forgotten about mock orange. It used to surround my granny's yard. Mmm. Thanks for stirring up that memory. I loved this post.
Peter said…
Great "images" as usual Pamela.
Alison said…
wow Pamela..I love all your I am just a bit jealous of you!!
BlondeBlogger said…
You were blessed with such a beautiful childhood. Those were lovely memories!
Faye said…
How odd, I just started reading --and writing--though Old Friend from Far Away, the Practice of Writing Memoir by Natile Goldberg. One of the first exercises is to use the prompt "I remember. . ." that what it seems that you've done with this post, remembering your childhood through sense of smell. A powerful memory jogger for sure. I'm glad you have such a variety of happy memories.
Kila said…
Nice memories to have :)
Tammy said…
That was SO do have talent for painting with your words!
And isn't interesting how many scents are tied in with your memories?

(I'm pretty concerned about those newborn kittens in the barrel, though...);)
What wonderful memories Pamela!
Amanda said…
Thanks for sharing MOM! You paint a great picture. (in more ways than one, I might add!)
Anonymous said…
that was good reminiscing, I also walked to school before I went to boarding school. Those sound like wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing
Melanie said…
This week was so much fun, I loved this theme. How fun to read about your childhood!

Our Happy Happenings
Susie said…
Hi Pamela,
Who needs pictures when you have such a wonderful gift for painting one with words!
I could relate to many of your memories of sights, sounds and smells. Isn't it amazing how some of those same smells today will trigger a long forgotten memory?
Great post!!
I can smell the "Zest" soap in my aunt's bath on the farm, my grandmas crisp, clean sheets when I would spend the night...oh, wasn't childhood wonderful? I wonder if our kids will think the same thing?
Junebug said…
Mmmm....I like your memories. Using all of your senses. :D
Wendster said…
Hey WT ... Pamela isn't that old. I had a wood burning stove in my first house when I got married. It's a LOCATION kinda thing.
Pamela ~ Excellent descriptions.
One of my "smellories" from childhood = peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches and stinky beagles in the hallway around the corner from the kitchen.

What a combination.
PAT said…
Pamela, you brought back many happy memories, for me, in this post! Thank you!

C... said…
In my house - lighting a match was to kill the smell in the bathroom from its previous visitor most often my dad.
Unknown said…
Hey, just peeking in. :) Hope all is well. XO
Jeanette said…
Lovely Memories of your childhood Pamela. and I just love your Clematis vine in full bloom its just stunning.....
Claudia said…
you have beautiful memories, beautifully written as well.
Wendster said…
Happy Father's Day to your hubby!

Hope you guys had a great day!


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