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Conversations -- just in the last 30 days.

I've never worked harder for less money. But here are some of the paychecks I've received just in the last month.
6 1/2 year old Zbub: Grandma I want to go outside and build a snowman. Grandma:  There really isn't enough snow, sweety.
But he convinced me -- grabbed his coat, boots, mittens, and shortly arrives back at the door with an I told you so smile.

Dinkum:  Gramma!  Mizelle said the "S" Word.
Gramma raises her eyebrows:   Hmmm.. she did, huh?  I guess you better tell me what she said.
Dinkum:  She said POO POO!

Grandma:  It's snack time ... how about some Tillamook rasberry yogurt.
Z-bub who just got off the bus from school:  Hey Dinkum, we're having Til-a monkey yogurt for a snack.  Yeaaaah!


My daughter Amanda to 7 year old Curlymop:   I love you muchos. Curlymop:  I love you more than all the muchos. Amanda:  Really?  How much is that? Curlymop:  That means I love you more than confinity!

4 1/2 year old Dinkum:  Mizelle, you're just a baby…

The Mini Post

Is there anyone who is satisfied with one packet of instant oatmeal?  

(I guess a one sentence post is better than nothing.  I got the idea from Peter --  a blogging friend for five years.)