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A Second Helping

The really great thing about Old Country Buffet is that you can go back for a second helping of rich chocolate cake with a dollop of creamy vanilla frozen yogurt. The really bad thing about Old Country Buffet is that you can go back for a second helping of rich chocolate cake with a dollop of creamy vanilla frozen yogurt. That segue into this paragraph is probably not as smooth as the frozen yogurt on my chocolate cake, but we’re here.  And we’re talking about the tiny seats on the school bus in which I rode on Friday.  Really! The seats were made for mini muffins.  The  extra wide aisle to accommodate the wheel chairs forces the bench to be much smaller and only allows for two small children.    When my new little friend across the wide aisle verbally instructed me to fasten my seat belt?  I smiled meekly and didn’t let her see me roll my eyes.  Hey sweetie….fat Chance. In addition to the squeeze, there wasn’t anywhere near enough strap.  Riding with handicapped students on a

No Charge

Monday morning presented an opportunity for a walk up my favorite venue - the creek.  Right now there is water roaring frantically over the berms, and more source can be seen in the foothills of the Blues.   There was a battle in body and mind about stepping out into the cool wet air.  In addition to still having a jaw that feels like someone hit it with a strong left hook (cracked tooth and extraction), the rest of my body seems to be bowing to the demands of another flexing of fibromyalgia.   But, I felt good when I got back to my car. I saw a lone female Common Golden-eye.  She was in about the same spot that last week I saw a lone female Wigeon.  There were also several small groups of Common and Hooded Mergansers, Mallards, and Canadian Geese.  I also saw my dancing American Dippe r.    Obviously it was fine weather for water fowl. A five a.m. morning call yesterday advised us that our 7 year-old granddaughter, Goober Evalina,  was once again in the hospital as a result of

Fun Monday Dirty Haiku

I do not like chores no sweeping, mopping, waxing… not even poetic *** Lil Mouse asks, “What is your least favorite chore?”  Obviously, I got distracted just thinking about it and wrote poetry instead of getting down and getting dirty. But, you can rant about the one you hate to do and scamper on over to leave your link with Jill .  Then come back and do my dishes.


I bought a ffresh at a local hardware store on Thursday. It is a Washer Cleaner that "Removes odor causing residue in all washing machines." If you own a front loader you may recognize that smell caused by bacteria growing in the airtight drum.  I've used another product in the past which worked well. Unfortunately, the store no longer carries that brand. I followed the directions on this new package, but on Friday morning it still assaulted my nose.  I called the number on the back of the package. It connected me to Whirlpool. "Hey, " I told the representative that answered. "The affresh I purchased did not remove the odor from my front load washer." "Did you order it from us?" she asked. "No, but it is your product." “Because you ordered it from someone else,” she emphasized with a very unfriendly tone, “you will have to take your complaint to them." . "Uh..." I stammered,  "…you mea

Tumors, Tooth, and Tragedy

The news program this morning featured stories about the children in Haiti.   It answered some of my questions about why so many people seemed to have burns on their faces and arms.   The earthquake hit while many people gathered together cooking and eating meals.  The stories are overwhelming, but the small miracles keep one watching and listening.  There was also a recall announced for Tylenol which gave me some alarm.  Ever since Thanksgiving, I practically bathed in the extra-strength capsules, along with an anti-inflammatory.  I’ve been in a  toothache battle.  My dentist is not one that overreacts.  The X-rays didn’t show any reason for my pain and he hoped that the anti inflammatory would do the trick.  On Monday morning this week the dentist took a third X-ray that revealed something ominous.  My immediate referral to an Endodontist on Wednesday was a bust.  The tooth cannot be saved.  The Endo prescribed antibiotic for a raging infection and referral to an oral surgeon.   I

Things on My Mind Today

The earlier the morning and the more tired is my body, the more coffee smells like skunk.  I still drink it. Whenever I feel sleepy, a nap is inconvenient.  Of course, as soon as I can lie down, my eyes are like a big-eyed bird.  My husband can generally close his eyes and fall asleep anywhere. Except on weekend afternoons when I challenge his napping activity in front of the football game.    I say, “ crawl into bed and make it worth your while.”  So, he begrudgingly trudges back to the bedroom where he tosses and turns until he gives up and comes back to snore in front of the television. Why is it that a particular dish I need to use is always in the dishwasher… dirty.   And yet, if I have a dirty dish to put in it, the dishwasher is full of clean dishes waiting to be unloaded.  How can it be both ways? Q: What do you get when you combine my chapped split finger tips with the cold dry weather’s static electricity? A:  Some shocking sign language. (fyi:  I finally put the tea

Goooey Kisses.

Untitled from pamela on Vimeo . Seven-month old Smurf-Ella and her big 4 -year old Brother Z-bub.  

Go With The Fun Monday Flow

This little angel had me awake at 4:00 this morning.  She finally dropped back to sleep at 6:30. That may have nothing to do with Fun Monday – and Mariposa asking us what we look forward to this brand new year.   Or, it may have everything to do with it. Our middle daughter lives in central California, which is a 12 to 15 hour drive.  Flying doesn’t assure you of a shorter travel day.  You have to count the hours of checking in early and going through the security check.  Not to mention layover, as flying from our small local airport sends  us to a hub city for transfer to another airline. At least when I drive I know exactly where my luggage is and who has touched it.  Have you ever watched your luggage get banged around on the tarmac?  Sorry about that rabbit trail.   Jen called a few days ago and asked if I could watch the 3 little pablum guzzlers for three or four days while they checked out Spokane.  There is a job intervie

Big Birds

My finch feeders are attracting larger birds.  The other day the three turkeys were visiting again.    On the left you can see two of them making their way to the base of the feeder pole.  The third one is sitting atop the fence taxing his turkey brain to figure out a way to shake out more sunflower seeds. Meanwhile, back on the patio, our little black and white kitty cat was slammed up against the sliding door.  I think she was doing an impression of one of those plush Garfield's that people suction to their car windows. This morning I happened to glance out and see a  Cooper Hawk sitting on the crook of the feeder pole. By the time I readied my camera it had jumped down and was stalking a small bird hiding in the foliage.  When he heard me clicking away on the patio he jumped back up on the fence and soon flew away ---still hungry.   This morning  on a walk, I watched a red-tailed hawk fly into the trees gripping a fi