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I love "BORING"

Today my eldest daughter received good news. Drum roll :  The specialist at OHSU told her that the results of her CT SCAN  were "boring." A clever way of saying that there was nothing suspicious found in her body following the removal of her malignant tumor and thyroid. As a result of the clean scan she will receive only the "precautionary"  radioactive iodide treatment.  Karmyn said she's been feeling good, and she can handle the short duration of discomfort and  inconvenience that the therapy will induce. Thanks to all of you who sent up prayers and positive thoughts.

Surprise in the Owl Box

About six years ago we nailed an owl box in the birch tree in our front yard.  We've watched and waited and been seasonally disappointed.  We've only hosted the starlings and house sparrows that duke it out and take turns raising their broods in the box. Two days ago I noticed some debris under the birch tree.  This morning there was a new pile of garbage that I could see from my kitchen window. When I took my plant starts out of the garage to greet the sun shining down on this morning, I determined to also clean up whatever that mess was.  As I surveyed the material, I recognized that something had cleaned out the owl box.  I looked up to see this face peering back at me.  A Western Screech Owl!  The grandchildren run and play in the yard, so I'm hoping this little owl has determination and stays with us.