Tag along

When I was little we played many variations on the game "Tag." Frozen Tag, Poison Tag, 123 Tag, and Tag, You're IT are a few that come to mind.

There's a new game in town now that I have been blogging - two months this week! During this introduction period I have been ?tagged four times. I skipped number three because I felt I was to new to blogging to make sense with my answers.

Todays ?tag is a double tag team. I tagged White Trash with a hoaky questionaire a long time ago and she finally answered my tag and upped the ante with a return ?tag about books.

Wintertime is when I do most of my reading, snuggled up in my big easy chair with my quilt and a fire crackling. THE BACK YARD project that we started in March, (no choice) and then the continuing saga of THE BACK YARD has kept me out of my easy chair. Also, I started blogging, and have been spending waaaaaaaaay to much time on this new addiction. (Do we all have to go to some blogger treatment center to kick the habit? Let me know when you will be there, so I can get committed at the same time.)

I tend to have an addictive personality. After a compulsion of choice I usually go "cold turkey." This is in reference to my art/painting, playing the piano, cooking, reading books, etc. I have seasons that I will devour several books per week. Right now I am not in one of those seasons. The problems with the answers I give tonight are that they may be different once I get some sleep and wake up refreshed. (I'm still hoping for that morning.)

Well here goes my response! I'm going to try and wrestle this subject and then hit the hay.

One book that changed your life: I don't think I've changed yet. Many people mentioned the Bible. And I agree that would be the one to do it. My problem is, I haven't allowed it to do so. There is still hope.

One book that you have read more than once: I'm a Nora Roberts fan. I have read the Cheasapeak Bay series (there are 4 books) more than once. Probably several others of her trilogies as well. She has a new trilogy called The Circle, the first book is due out at the end of this month. So I will probably be reading again in September. I know, I know..... cotton candy.

One book you'd want on a desert island: The US ARMY SURVIVAL MANUAL I left this out on my first publish. The alternative would be Boat Building: A complete handbook.

One book that made you laugh: Standing in the Rainbow, by Fannie Flagg was the most recent book that I've read that made me chuckle audibly. "Walter the Farting Dog" made me laugh. But what does that signify? Yes, Willowtree, I read your fart story and I was entertained. It also gave me an idea for another post. (There are never to many fart stories.)

One book that made you cry: I have to go back to the very first book that I remember that made me cry. If I told you every book that made me cry we'd be here all night. I am such a sop. It was "Where the Red Fern Grows."

One book you wish had been written: Can I be selfish, and say I wish I'd written the one in my head? Then I'd have a multi-million dollar contract with Putnam & Jove and be collaborating with Nora on her next bestseller.

One book you wish had never been written: My daughter blogged today that she had just about had enough of Dr. Suess and the "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish." There's a safe answer. Truthfully, there is one book that I would like to say. Unfortunately I must treat the book in very much the same way as Harry's friends did Voldemort. "The Book-That-Must-Not-Be-Named."

One book you are currently reading: Disinformation by Richard Miniter. At least it's on my desk, and I have a book mark and my reading glasses sitting beside it. I need to kick my heels three times and repeat, "I will get it read, I will get it read, I will get it read!"

One book you have been meaning to read: Anyone out there read that book about a guy and his Golden Retreiver.... Marley & Me . Will it make me smile inside? I miss my dog.


willowtree said…
Thanks for the link Pamela, it will be interesting to see how many people share our penchant for fart stories.
I knew your answers would be interesting and funny-sometimes both. Thanks for playing along. When I answered mine, I was thinking as a grown up and recalling what I had read as an adult. But the book that made me cry as a child was Charlotte's Web-your Red Fern answer made me remember that!
Karmyn R said…
Nora Roberts? Oh mom!!!! Please say it isn't so.....do you really think she wrote all those books herself?
michele said…
You have the best answer for what books to bring on a desert island! Too funny. I have never read Nora Roberts, but I used to read romance novels when I was younger.

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