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A memory popped into my head out of no where when I was driving home last weekend. There was a television series back in the mid sixties titled "The Legend of Jesse James."  The leading man was handsome, as I recall, and that is probably the reason I wanted to watch it.  Of course, in television land, the James brothers were modern day Robin Hoods, which made for a very romantic story line.   It wasn't the show itself that emerged from my thoughts, but rather a conversation I had with my daddy one evening.  Daddy walked in to the "front" room,  took his reading glasses off and stuck them in his pocket, and then observed the show for a few minutes. "I went to see Frank James when I was a youngster," he stated in a very matter of fact tone. "You what?" I remember turning all my attention to him. "Yeah," he confirmed.  "The James Farm was 10 or so miles from Excelsior Springs, and one day we went over there to set our sights

Blogging from my Droid

Last week my daughter Karmyn received the radioactive iodine treatment for thyroid cancer.  It was of course precautionary. She has been doing very well this week and we are all breathing easier and giving thanks. My week was easier than hers...staying with the kids.  I reminded Jammin and Buttercup to practice the piano and the Caboose to go potty. (When you are three it is so easy to play too long!)  We went to the park one day and visited the Hasty Freeze for shakes on another day.  And we pulled out my watercolors and played at being artsy another afternoon.    They still missed their mama very much.  Every night I woke up with at least one extra head on the other pillow. *** The drive home on Saturday was spectacular in its presentations of blues, greens, and browns.  The sun was bright and the prevailing wind pushed me along the gorge.   An osprey surprised me when it flew along side and then in front of me with a wiggly fish held tight in its talons.  Many other birds of p

Watch Them Grow - First of The Month

August! (Summer finally arrived in the valley this week!)  And it is the   First of the Month,  the photo meme hosted by Jan @ Murrieta 365. The goal is to capture one thing repeatedly on the first of each month. It can be a landscape, a person, an animal, a project; whatever your focus is, is fine. It can even be a record of where you are each First of the Month.  My theme is my three grandchildren, Zbub, Mizelle, and Dinkum. It is called:  Watch them grow! For the most fun ever get a FREE box, cut a door and some windows and then just play. It can be a fort, or you can perform surgery in the hospital, or it is the neighborhood home of a new family moving in. And if you are gone for a couple days, send Mizelle in to do a spider check.  Little sisters are good for something! Post your new photo and link up HERE ! (Archives - previous months posts)