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GoodBye 2008


Smokin' in the Garage

Sayre, of SayreSmiles , is the host today. Naturally she wants to know about the holiday that just passed. She wants touching and wonder, and crazy, stupid, and funny. I can't cover it all, but here's my contribution to the cause! * * * * * On the 12th of December I drove the 6 hours to watch 7 month old little Caboose while Karmyn and Dave enjoyed a Saturday afternoon stage production and dinner. (You had to twist my arm, really!) I also planned to enjoy the Christmas program in which Buttercup and Jammin’ would be participating , bake a cake with Buttercup for her mama’s birthday, and then head home for a week and come back with Grandpa for Christmas. Then it started snowing. The forecast was cold and white. School was cancelled, and thus the performances by the children. Between storms, I drove home on compact snow and ice. More extreme weather arrived, and I-84 through the Cascade Mountains was closed.We (grandma and grandpa) would definitely not be driving any

Stories From Auntie Fern - 2

On Christmas Eve we encouraged auntie Fern to remember and share some of her childhood celebrations. This one was probably somewhere around 1915 : ******* Oh! When I was really small, we hung our Christmas stockings, and we got an apple and an orange and I don't know if there was more . We were excited to get that. So Paul and Roy, they hung theirs up again the next night. And you know that Grace, she decided to find something else to put in them. I don't know what she put in - probably something silly. And, then those boys hung them up again the next night. And Grace found something else to put in them. (Aunt Fern begins to chuckle at this point. We love to hear her laugh.) On that third morning Grace really surprised them. She put dried horse manure in their stockings. That ended it. ******

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays - whatever you celebrate. Blessings -- may they fall and surround each of you with love and joy. P a m e l a

Where's My Blog Roll?

This morning my husband asked, "Hon! What happened to your list of blogging friends?" Although he is not interested in blogging, I guess he checks out some of my favorite haunts when he has a few minutes. Who'd've thunk? He is now aware that my blog roll is under "View My Complete Profile." This may not be quite as convenient for readers, or for my husband. But it is great for me. I love this feature recently added to Blogger. When I log into the dashboard , I am able to scroll through the new posts and edit my reading list with ease. That "editing with ease" may be a problem, as I keep finding more and more blogs that I love to read. I wish someone would pay me to read blogs. (Isn't that the fantasy? As long as I don't have to put an advertisement on my blog.)

Just Like The Ones We Used To Know

The old timers say this winter "is like the winter of..." Like when they were kids. I would be one of them (old timers), but I grew up in the Seattle area. However, I do admit to memories of the winter of 1969 when the Puget Sound area had one of those freak snow storms. Eighteen inches blanketed our small farm. We have that much here tonight and more falls as I write. I discussed the snowstorm with with my friend Glenda on the phone this evening and it went as follows: Me: I can't believe it is still snowing, isn't it just beautiful? Glenda: Yeah. At first it was pretty. Now it's just STUPID ! (She has to go to work in the morning, her husband is recovering from leg surgery, she doesn't have snow tires, she's out of sick leave because she used it all when she broke her leg during the last big snow, she was worn out from shoveling, and she was a little misty eyed from having just received a letter from her son in Iraq.) Me: Oooops. So, Glenda,

Thematic Photograph - Quiet

This weeks challenge by Carmi at Written Inc is Quiet . We stored the patio umbrella, but somehow never got around to taking down the deck chairs by the pond. Now they are icy silhouettes beneath a foot of snow. There is something about the snow that muffles the ordinary sounds of life going on beneath or around it. The water continues to circulate in the fish pond without me detecting the usual hum. My husband assured me that the pump was working and pipes would not freeze. The birds at the feeders across the lawn are chirping, but their chatter is swallowed by the stillness and consumed. I think if I should speak aloud that the words would freeze and be buried by the the rush and hush of the falling snow. Even the crunch of the snow under my (much too short) boots is interrupted by the sound of silence. * * * Take a few moments and see whats quiet in other bloggers photographs right here .

Ice The Cake

Don't worry. I really did use chocolate. Happy Birthday Karmyn .

Snowed In

On the road - and it is ICY! Thank goodness I'm not really on the road, but safe and warm at Karmyn's house. They blame me for bringing the icy cold winter. My road home includes all the icy pile ups on I-5, I-205, and I-84. The last highway can be an extremely treacherous journey on the Columbia River Gorge where it cuts through the Cascade Mountains. I don't have chains or studs - just walnut snow tires. Last night I had trouble falling asleep as the wind knocked on the side of the house. It seemed that I just drifted into slumber when something woke me. At first I thought it was the cat jumping onto the bed. Then I revised my theory as the movement and sound surely was something larger, like a dog. I sat up. "Hi Grandma, " Buttercup said between chattering teeth. "Can I crawl in bed with you?" I opened the covers and she snuggled in. Before long I had to send her back to her own bed - she is a wiggle worm. The Caboose has been a snuggle bug a

The Secret To Feeling Really Young

How to Feel Really Young: Have lunch with Aunti Fern, age almost 100; Aunt Naomi, age 103; and Naomi's sister, age 97. (No photo. My camera is in the shop.)

I won, I won, I won

I won two recent giveaways. My mailbox thought it was Christmas. Nights in Rodanthe was one of the books of the several that have been featured at Another Chance Ranch and her From My Bookshelf To Yours series. All read! Loved it. I'm going to give the book to my daughter and then let her pass it on. Notice that Julie also provided her Another Chance Ranch Bookmark. Thank you, Julie. Lisa's Chaos is responsible for the ..uh...ahem.. the.. uh... SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS. The hubby asked me if I was going to use them. I'm sure it is because they are very petite, and my hubby really loves his salt and pepper. It would be a full time job just refilling them. Yes. I'm sure that is what is worrying him. Look at them. Aren't they cute. The shakers should become a hot potato giveaway. You that keeps getting passed on to the next blogger. Like the Old Maid in the Old Maid Game, or the Bear in Pit. Then one day Lisa will open her mailbox and they wi

I love Christmas Music

Mamalang is today's Fun Monday hostess and is curious about our favorite Christmas Carols. Do any of you know The Wexford Carol ? It is one of my three favorites and I came upon it by accident when I was looking at You Tube selections. It is the first full song on the embedded video. The setting is the Julie Andrews 1987 Christmas Special . She would be my first choice to perform it for you, too! Now I really hit the Jackpot when I found this. The next song is the late John Denver singing What Child is This (tune Greensleeves.) Another favorite song from another favorite singer. This post is like one of the Ginsu Knife commercials, because, WAIT! There Is MORE! For only a few minutes longer you get to hear Placido Domingo performing Ave Maria ! It doesn't get much better than this. Had she asked for Christmas songs ...well, I love White Christmas (Bing Crosby), Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire (Nat King Cole), and It's a Holly Jolly Christmas (Burl Ives.) Oh

The "Bite Me" that Backfired.

Some of you know that I had a cracked tooth extracted and I am on track for an implant. After wasting over a year dealing with the inept medical office of an oral surgeon, I asked my general dentist to send me elsewhere. The referred specialist is a much better fit for me. His office functions like a synchronized swim team. He is confident and efficient. The only thing that bothered me is his weird sense of humor. Every time my mouth was occupied with fingers and stainless steel instruments he would joke without mercy. Just two weeks ago I was stretching my jaw as far as it would extend, when he started. “Oh NO!” He gasped. “It’s not there! You've sucked it into your head!” I rolled my eyes – which was a much more relaxed response then my first wide-eyed terror to one of his remarks. My guess is that he is just a serial tease, so I always watched to see how the hygienist responded and then ignored him. But I don’t forget. That’s why I decided to get him go


Carmi has chosen " Shadow" as the theme of this week's Thematic Photographic challenge. As always, he leaves the interpretation open to any of us who choose to play along. My camera took this photo, but my lovely daughter Amanda was the artist behind the lens. She captured this moment on a late October afternoon at Whitman Mission National Historic Site. I loved it. Yes, the shadows along the Oregon Trail captivated my imagination. But, not the castings from the setting sun. Instead, I was there beneath the shadows of men and horses. I heard the echoes of children racing after wagon wheels. And, I felt the cool breeze through the hair of a pioneer woman as she shook it loose from a sweat soaked bonnet. ... westward HO!

Kite Eating Tree

Can you spy the string and the holder. Click on the photo for a closer look. Fly on over to Wordless Wednesday headquarters for this weeks gallery of photographs.

Olive You Grandma

Olive you too, Buttercup!

Birds in Flight

Our state lottery commercial that doesn't make a lot of sense. But, it appeals to my inner bird.

Survival Mode

The other day I was feeling as if I was just in a survival mode. I wasn't in the mood to be thankful for our cozy home, beautiful yard, lovely children and grandchildren, numerous friends, and plenty. Nope! I wasn't thinking about those things at all. I sat myself down to read the comments on my blog. When I see someone new has dusted me, I follow his/her link, because I'm nosy. That's how I happened to visit MoziEsmé (an American toddler growing up in Mozambique. Her mommy and daddy are volunteers with Maranatha Volunteers International.) I smiled at the cute pictures and stories (yes, grandmothers are suckers for little dimples and curls.) But I quit smiling when I got to her post entitled Zimbabwe Again . I think I've heard little bits and pieces about Zimbabwe in the news. But I had not paid attention long enough to actually understand the truth about what is happening there. Please take a moment to read her post. She quotes an E-mail from Paula, a

Ground, open up and eat me

Mariposa, author of Mariposa's Tales , is hosting Fun Monday today in celebration of her 3-year blogging anniversary. Thanks lady, and CONGRATULATIONS! The topic she chose is High Moments in Our Lives : I f you could share to us 3-5 high moments in your lives...this could be funny moments...the you can't believe you did it moments...the "I told you so" moments...or the times we asked the ground to go open and eat us moments! You need not write a book to explain them, the highlights will do. I chose the humiliation event. If you dare.... Read on: * * * * * It was just an ordinary Saturday -- as ordinary Saturdays rolled those 15 years ago. My youngest daughter, Mandy, invited a new classmate to join us at the region’s best shopping center. (60 miles away.) We had an understanding at the mall. I kept track of them, but stayed my distance. (As any un-cool mother must do so as not to embarrass her 12 year old daughter.) We had a fun shopping day and I ha

Here goes...

I quit my job. It wasn't something I planned. A voice said "I quit." When I turned around to see who had spoken, there was no one to claim the decision except me. If your own words and actions are unrecognizable, then it is time for search and rescue . (Before it becomes just a recovery operation.) Tomorrow will be my first day unemployed. Yes, it is very poor timing. No, I don't have a solid grasp on my compass. Maybe, it will all work out for the best for everyone. Here goes...


I have been tardy for every occasion the past few months. So it is with posting my first Thematic Photograph hosted by Carmi. He is one of my favorite Wordless Wednesday participants. About last week's theme he said, " Basically, anything th at lines up is fair game." I blog in an agricultural valley, so it was easy to find photographs that I could use with "rows" that I had snapped over the past year. It is my pleasure to present to you: Food for more than thought . grapes apples wheat Carmi at Written, Inc is an inspiring read. You really ought to click over to his blog and enjoy his creative vision.

Drivin' Truck - Dreams and Memories

I had a dream last week that I actually remembered the next day. My Aunt Delores made an appearance in it. Delores, who will be 88 this month, was married to my mother’s younger brother and is the last surviving member of that generation. She still drives to the grocery store, to church, and to her volunteer shift at the local hospital gift shop. She also babysits her 2 year old great granddaughter every weekday morning. She's a good cook and a great conversationalist. There is really nothing elderly about my aunt except her age. In my dream, the hubby and I were on a trip to California. Our return trip included plans to pick up Delores, who was visiting her son in the Bay Area. We were shocked when her son asked us also to drive one of his companies huge semi-trucks back to our town. I probably was tossing and turning at this point in the dream. I just didn’t know how we were going to drive both vehicles safely. I knew that the hubby would have to dr

Seeing Red

Are you REDy for Wordless Wednesday? Get your fix HERE.

Poster Boy

The Caboose , the youngest grandson, wearing his cozy little sweater knit by Karisma and mailed all the way from Australia. He's a happy one - in spite of what you see in the picture above - and reminds me so much of the his mom at that age.

Camouflaged Sidewalk

Someone else had the same idea today as did I. A walk in the park. I doubt she left her house with the thought that her distant image would show up on a stranger's camera, much less a blog. Whoever she be, I appreciate her accidental posing for me with such grace. A few weeks ago I would have sworn that we would be knee-deep in snow by now. But, here it is, November 2, and the fall weather has been most appealing. We trudge through carpets of leaves and sparkling showers of much needed rain. I lift my thanks for the sunshine that sneaks between the clouds and smiles through all the colors. I do love autumn.

Fun Monday - Words...Inspire, Expire

Robin, today’s Fun delegator , asked us to share inspiring favorite quotes. As I rolled ideas through my head, my thoughts kept returning to an event from my youth The words spoken were not inspiring in their delivery. The person who ran with them wasn’t me. And, the life changing event belonged to someone else. But I remember it all so very well. My friend Evonne was a skinny little curly haired moppet. We weren’t best friends, but we were close. We shared a classroom every year from 2 nd through 8 th grade. High school tumbled us into other peer groups and our friendship was loosely maintained. But then the incident happened during our senior year that changed her life forever. Mrs. L was very old. Had anyone asked, I would have suggested she was 107. She was Evonne's and my senior advisor. I don’t recall one word the woman spoke to me during counseling. However, I do remember what she said to Evonne. On one particular day a very distraught and teary-eyed

The Mangoes vs The Tangerines

Five year old Buttercup (center pink) defends the Banana Kick. Heh Heh. Now make a forward pass on over to Wordless Wednesday headquarters for your GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.

Stories from Great Auntie Fern (chapter 1)

My name is Fern Alice *****. I was born in 1909. April the 3rd, 1909. And I was born on a wheat ranch that my father had homesteaded; about eight miles from the little town of *****, Washington. They moved out from Kansas by train in the 1800s. And while my father built a house on the land that he homesteaded, he put a big tent in ***** where the family stayed while he built a new house on the wheat ranch. Roy was born there. The next year, Jennie was born there. So they lived in that tent at least two or three years 'til the house was built and they they moved out to the wheat ranch. Ethel, Grace, Blanche, and Floyd were born in Kansas and they moved out here by train. Paul and Roy and Jennie was born in ***** (in the tent there) and I was born on the wheat ranch. I only lived on the wheat ranch a year until we moved to town because, by that time, the older ones were ready for high school.They had to move to town so the older ones could go to high school. So,

Put a Raisin in My Belly Button

Every local school is selling frozen cookie dough as a fund raiser. I just can't say NO. I bought a carton from every student who knocked. I'm going to turn into a cookie. Just preheat the oven to 350 o and hand me a raisin.

Regular or Decaf

Last week. The telephone conversation began: Amanda: Curlymop! Grandma is on the phone. Come and tell her what you got today. Curlymop gets on the phone: Hi Gwama. Gwama smiles through the phone: Hi Curlymop! Do you have something to tell me? Curlymop: I got this today. See? Amanda in background: Tell her what it is. Curlymop: One plus two is three. Gwama: Oh! You're learning how to add numbers? Amanda in background: Tell her what two and two is. Curlymop: Four. And when I'm nine I can drink Coffee.

Not Mr. McGregor's Garden

Hop on over to Wordless Wednesday Headquarters and you'll be in great hands.


Apples ready for harvest on Winesap Road / Saturday The pungent and delightful smell of apples envelops my car on the 10 miles drive between my house and my brother's. Jack Frost attacked both the flower and vegetable garden last night. As for the zucchini plant - we said F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. The hanging begonia was secured in the garage for the night because I just couldn't part with it yet. Last Thursday's rain in the valley left termination dust on the top of the mountains. That is a good place for it. Karmyn and I talked today about her experience as Tinker Bell covered in a snow suit one Halloween when she was small. I prepared three batches of grape jelly this afternoon. I picked them, crushed them, cooked them, and then hubby helped me fill the jars. Unfortunately, the first batch may need to be used as "syrup." Pancakes, anyone? The birds of summer have flown to destinations south. I've noted the return of Pine Siskins and Juncos. The familiar fea

Breast Cancer Awareness

Please follow this LINK over to Anecdotes, Antidotes, & Anodes for information on October Breast Cancer Awareness. Swampy is a breast cancer survivor and tells her story with humor and inspiration. She is keeping one of her posts open for reader contribution as well. If you have a story to tell, she wants to hear and share it with her readers. She is also one of my very first blogging friends and I appreciate her humor, her zest for life, and her toothless grin. (okay, she only photo-shopped the toothless grin) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Comment Highlight from my last post: Mercy's Maid said... I am so sorry! As an aside, Cass at Just Curious is donating $9 to breast cancer research for every comment she gets on this post. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If only...

A courageous battle ended yesterday. My Sister-in-Law took a final breath and her pain stopped. Breast Cancer . The words are bitter on my lips - and these tears will not dilute the taste. We had many intimate talks over the past 1 1/2 years. Brenda was always full of hope, always positive. She was full of Grace. She was also honest about the mistake she'd made when she dismissed the initial signs. She made me promise that I would take an aggressive mode if I ever noticed a pucker or suspected even the hint of a lump. In this moment, when I haven't really registered the fact that she is gone, I keep thinking "if only..." (Please take this moment to do a self-exam and to schedule your annual exam. Do it for me and in her memory.)

All Aboard

All Aboard from pamela on Vimeo . (recorded with Canon Power Shot digital camera by Shaky Puddin') Make tracks to other Wordless Wednesdays here!

No Bird See'd

Enjoy other WW photography here!

I SEE DEAD PEOPLE's plastic.

Why do I refuse to throw away any Tupperware? In addition to what I purchased over the years, my cupboard contains the collections that belonged to my late mother, my late mother-in-law, and my late gram. There is more plastic in the back of these deep shelves that the camera fails to reveal. (There is also plenty of saved bake ware and cookware I rarely use.) A good psychiatrist would immediately point to a personality disorder that compels me to save lids and containers for which I can never find the mate. However, a good blogging buddy will just compliment me on a great post. (No therapy needed~) Crunchy Bits is the host and the instigator of this week's confession. Go join the FUN!

Blue Heron at Sundown

Visit Wordless Wednesday Headquarters HERE .

Hole in the Wall Gang

Gattina wants to see where the Fun Monday participants blog! Ta Da!! Oh my goodness. My blogging space is a mess. (Messy space = organized mind. I swear it is true!) Join in the nosey fun at W r i t e r s C r a m p s .

Fun Monday -

I can't believe it is already Monday and Mama Drama is (are?) the host of the day. They want to know What funny trivial fact do you remember that you probably should have forgotten a long time ago? When I signed up last week I thought "no sweat, I'm the trivia Queen!" Then I just sat with my chin in hand, my eyes darted left and right, I made wistful sighs, and I realized I've forgotten everything I've ever learned. Well, except for one thing: I before E, except after C. Yes! I learned that when I was knee high to a grasshopper and I never forgot it. Especially when I spell words like species, science, sufficient, seize, weird, sovereignty, vein - well you get the picture. I really should forget that silly little mnemonic device and just learn how to spell. Fortunately for me, my computer does spell-check when I type posts. Now I only need to right click on my mouse and my "i" and my "e" pop right into place. To read the other trivi

Round Robin Photo Challenge - Art in the Park

When my memory chips are blinking I sometimes remember to play the Round Robin Photo Challenge. The inspiration today? Public Art. Every town across America has something art sy a bo ut it . Most cities have a public art program, although it may take a little bit of research to find where all the displays are located. My idea is to seek out the artsy side of the towns we live in or near, post the photo or photos and maybe write a short description of the art and the artist. If there is currently no display of Public Art in your area, then show us how your town decorates to invite visitors to your area. Banners, Welcome signs , etc Now, our town has art every where you look. There is creativity on each corner in our beautiful little downtown. This piece, however, happens to live in the park that is only a few blocks from my house. "Large Covered Wagon" by Tom Otterness There really is a cartoon quality to this sculpture that delights adults as well as children. Everyone

WW: Olympic Diving Gold Mudal

(Well, Future mudalist. In Grandpa's Garden, no less!) Join the Wordless Wednesday gang h.e.r.e!

Wordless Wednesday - Olympic Gold Swimmers

Fun Monday, Favorite, Favorite, and Favorite

AOJ and The Lurchers hosts todays Fun. She's an avid photographer and is excited to see our favorite photographs. Mine aren't favored because of their artistic merit. Rather, because they are forever blurred by tears - shed through the years for any reason you can possibly think of. If I had time (and energy) I would post a photo with each of my 9 grandchildren, too. Gooey Juice Cakers Mothers always think their babies are the most beautiful picture in the world. Click on The Lurchers right now and enjoy the photo gallerys of all my blogging friends.

The Grasshopper, Take Two

I share glass partitions and the late afternoon sun with coworkers. They are good people. Dan (featured here and here ) was at his desk as 5 o’clock pm approached on Wednesday. Doreen stopped to discuss some paperwork and he picked up his refillable water bottle. She had his undivided attention while he took a healthy swig. Immediately his eyes grew wide in horror, his cheeks inflated, and his body jerked right then left. Doreen let out a muffled cry of alarm, dropped her books and bag on his desk, and moved towards him in confusion. (Freeze Action) Two weeks ago I photographed a grasshopper on the glass pane at work and later posted it for Wordless Wednesday. Dan, in particular, was amused by my fascination with the little three-legged creature. Several days after the bug posing session, he humorously called my attention to “your little 3-legged friend” that was now camping by the printer we share. I decided to capture it and throw it out the door, but it hop

Wordless Wednesday - Olympic Flame

(Yes, Squash is recognized as an Olympic Sport.) Click here to visit WW headquarters.