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If only...

A courageous battle ended yesterday. My Sister-in-Law took a final breath and her pain stopped. Breast Cancer . The words are bitter on my lips - and these tears will not dilute the taste. We had many intimate talks over the past 1 1/2 years. Brenda was always full of hope, always positive. She was full of Grace. She was also honest about the mistake she'd made when she dismissed the initial signs. She made me promise that I would take an aggressive mode if I ever noticed a pucker or suspected even the hint of a lump. In this moment, when I haven't really registered the fact that she is gone, I keep thinking "if only..." (Please take this moment to do a self-exam and to schedule your annual exam. Do it for me and in her memory.)

All Aboard

All Aboard from pamela on Vimeo . (recorded with Canon Power Shot digital camera by Shaky Puddin') Make tracks to other Wordless Wednesdays here!

No Bird See'd

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I SEE DEAD PEOPLE's plastic.

Why do I refuse to throw away any Tupperware? In addition to what I purchased over the years, my cupboard contains the collections that belonged to my late mother, my late mother-in-law, and my late gram. There is more plastic in the back of these deep shelves that the camera fails to reveal. (There is also plenty of saved bake ware and cookware I rarely use.) A good psychiatrist would immediately point to a personality disorder that compels me to save lids and containers for which I can never find the mate. However, a good blogging buddy will just compliment me on a great post. (No therapy needed~) Crunchy Bits is the host and the instigator of this week's confession. Go join the FUN!

Blue Heron at Sundown

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