Little Green Men

I'm a believer.


Karmyn R said…
(snort, chuckle, giggle, laugh in that order)

That's what I call Planters Feet.
willowtree said…
pamela, just read your comment on julie's blog, you're not too old to go back to college, however you may be too old to put up with the bullshit.
Kailani said…
You should think about joining Wordless Wednesdays. This would be a perfect picture!
Shauna said…
I love the photo! My feet look like that a lot and sometimes black - I HATE SHOES!
Robin said…
Ummmm...can we have SOME kind of explanation? The word "little" seems to be misued here (judging by the hairy legs); one of Amanda's comes to mind: :o)

If the green climbed up the legs, you could've titled it Jolly Green Giant ;).
Susan in va said…
ROFL!!!! (*snort*, *gut-wrenching-laughter*, *tears* - in that order).

(*sigh*). Ohhhh, that is funny.

(*vecnrovg*). My w.v.
Anonymous said…
Hi Pamela...thanks for mentioning that you can't wait to see what's on my blog...hopefully, it will be "up & running" soon. When I first read "about you" I thought the last sentence said, "I have a cat that I use as a duster."...just an insight into how my brain (I typed it: drian)works or doesn't work.
These word "verficatoin" exercises are killin' me.
(These word verification exercises are killin' me.)
Pamela said…
Kar. Mowers feet
Willowtree. Yeah I'd get kicked out
Kailani. I need to quit my job so I can have all that fun I see you guys having
Shauna. You'd enjoy barefootin on our new sod. scrumptious
Robin. Yeah I would have said BIG FOOT but someone might have thought I brought the big guy home
Susan. I'm mesmerized by word verificafion
Swampwitch. hmmmm. Cat duster? (: She is soft a fluffy like one.
Julie said…
1) EEWWW!!!! Icky!!! EWWW!!! I do not like feet! But I do like the color green! LOL

2) You. Are. NOT. Too. Old. (for anything) There is a couple in my Econ class and they are older. Believe me, you are young compared to these two. The man is in an electric wheel chair (due to his weight), and she uses a cane. I have issues with them being in my class. But I won't go there. LOL There is a lot of BS to put up with, but we as non-traditional students have some advantages over these teeny-boppers.

3) Swampwitch - I have been patiently waiting. But I am not that patient so - hurry up. :) And I don't know if you mean you are north and west of me? Or Ree? I am a couple of hours south and west of her. :)
scrapbookmom said…
HO HO HO Green Giant!!!

That's all I could think of when I saw this. Too funny. :)
Kellie said…
It's Shrek!!!!
Debs said…

That is funny :)
Pamela said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Pamela said…
Pamela said...
Princess Fiona (me): Yes. But, I don't understand. I'm supposed to be beautiful.
Shrek (hubby): But you are beautiful.
[They kiss and live happily ever after]

Shrek was great. Thanks Kellie!
swampwitch said…
I am north and west of both you and Ree...WAY in a different Time Zone west...literally, physically, and emotionally...
Clue #2 was on WillowTree's Blog
Clue #3 I can see the Grand Mesa from my house.
Pass The Torch said…
That is SOOO great! I thought only my son had skin like that. On his knees.
mike said…
Swawpswitch--Pamela grandmother was married in sight of grand mesa-05-25-95--Grandmas'older brothers helped settle the umcomprad're(sp) indian reservation and form Delta Col--Cedaredge ect. they were good friends with the Indian chief and his wife(chief Ouray and wife chipeta) i have a picture of Delta taken toward the grand mesa in the early 1890's or maybe even late 1880's--Pam has a fun blog--(her brother)
Swampwitch said… I'm really took me a couple of times reading that word to realize something was wrong... Uncompahgre: as difficult to spell as it is to pronounce. Ouray is a beautiful little mining town...Ridgway is the location of Chipeta Sun Lodge. Orvis is a natural hot springs between the two towns where Chief Ouray and wife Chipetawould "soak" for medicinal purposes. Still a great place to visit. Would love to see the pic of Delta / GM in the 1890's
Thanks for the interesting info. Small world.
Anonymous said…
where are your feet? ivy

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