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Karoo, Karoo

A Lullaby that my mom sang to me when I was a baby. I sang to my daughters.  My daughters to my grandchildren. I hope my great grandchildren will hear it someday, too. Listen to it here --  accompanied by photos of my sleepy daughters, and my 10 sleepy grandchildren! Karoo Karoo from pamela on Vimeo .


Late last night I curled up on the love seat and watched the weather channel's tornado chasing marathon.  The closing credits ran every half hour; then, the next episode would begin.  Midnight arrived and yet I remained fixated.   I so want to be a storm chaser.     The next thing I knew it was 4:30 and the cat was waking me with a yowling complaint.  I got up, turned off the TV, and opened the patio door before grabbing the warm afghan and snuggling back down in my chair.  I slept there until 8:30.   In my turtle neck and jeans.   This odd confession is brought to you by Gattina - Writers Cramps , the host for today's Fun Monday.   She is curious about our usual Sunday morning attire.   Last night's lead in to this morning was just a fluke. I am the quintessential flannel pajama girl.    Most Sunday morning you'll find me searching for my glasses, the newspaper, and my coffee mug.  I do know, however,  where my PJ's are --because I'm wearing

Fall Synopsis

We went to grandparents day at Curlymop's School.  Our daughter mentioned that schools smell the same no matter where you go. Why is that?   This is what happens when Grandma buys special treats for breakfast Being a grandmother gives you license to forget that Halloween decorated do-nuts are not  good for you or on you. The frosting stained. A group of Annas hummingbirds visited the valley the last week of September.  They aren't supposed to be here.  Ever! This photo and my last sighting was October 1. Here is elGee, the cat.  (And Lucky, the mouse)  I swear that cat is color blind.  The mouse got away. In the last two days we've had  8 others, however,  that met their maker. They were in MY KITCHEN!   

I'm Hair for Fun Monday

Bad haircuts were a fact of life growing up. In fact, those home cut tresses gave my brother plenty of ammunition for teasing me and another sister.  Mama didn’t use her dishes when she gave haircuts, and for that fact we were most thankful. We were quite horrified by the bowl cuts worn by some school chums. I don’t know if it was a borrowed phrase, or if my brother just came up with the taunt of his own accord. T-Bangs.  Nanner, nanner, nanner! It seems quite innocuous by today’s standards - but it was enough to keep us whining to our mother. She was eventually overwhelmed by our complaints and locked herself in the bathroom to cry. In spite of those memories, the very worst haircut of my life occurred the day before WR’s 10 th high school class reunion. My male stylist had been doing a fairly consistent trim – except that he was leaving too much length on top. I wanted to have a little more bounce up there. I may have badgered him about it. Looking back, I really wis

Inspect Her Gadgets

Wendy of Wendishness wants to see our gadgets!   And...when you are the week's Fun Monday Host you get what you want. To satisfy her curiosity, I quickly grabbed six of the first eight gadgets that came to mind.  (Everyone knows that cameras and cellphones are the obvious choice.)     Can you guess what all of these are?    Clockwise from Left:  Blood Pressure Monitor, Electronic Meat Thermometer, Can opener, Coffee Grinder, Pencil Sharpener. Sure - I could live without them.  But the meat would be burned, the can lids would be sharp, the coffee would be stale, the pencils would be dull, and I'd have to find another excuse to make the hubby hold my hand. Join the fun!  Click your mousy gadget right HERE.

Grand Kid Briefs

Brief reflections of five days with five grand kids. Four-month old Granddaughters. Perfect toys.  Play with them - then give them back to their mommies. Two-year old Grandsons. There should be a Leash Law! Four-year old Grandsons. Aims to please.  (Except in front of the toilet.) Seven-year old granddaughters.   Elves !  Direct from middle earth; some of which is always visible  around cheeks and mouth. Almost 13-year old granddaughters. Static.  

Grandma Loves You More

Grandma Loves You More Than a Poo Poo Platter from pamela on Vimeo . She's four months old today  and made a long trip from central California to see Grandpa and Grandma. This is our youngest, Smurf Ellie. What is it about a sweet baby that turns me into a monkey.