Eyedol (aka Idol) Thoughts

The Saturday before Memorial Day I woke up early with right eye discomfort and I knew there was a stye forming. In the seven decades that I've been alive, I've experienced three styes.   So, I knew what it was.  I was so damn mad because cataract surgery was scheduled for Tuesday on THAT eye. Long story short.  Surgery went forward, but it was switched to the left eye.  And.....the second eye surgery date was indefinitely postponed. The clarity and brightness in my left eye is amazing.  Sometimes I sit while opening and closing my eyes alternately just for the show.  Bright colors, dingy colors, bright colors, dingy colors.  Obviously the last year plus  of shut downs has claimed a toll on my entertainment requirements.   There is  more.  I can also pretend that I am on a cruise ship suffering from a little sea sickness.  Of course there are no ocean views, buffets, nightclubs, or accommodating staff.  But there is definitely the  woozy swaying from side to side when I walk dow


  Northern Rough-Winged and Violet Green Cliff Barn


  Last week we visited McNary Wildlife Refuge on the Columbia River.  We got to steal a moment, in photo, from a cyclist headed across the causeway that splits the marshy waters of the refuge.   The Snow Geese flew up in a flurry around him.   I haven't seen an estimate of the numbers of snow geese resting on their way north.  I do know that there are thousands there and at The Pot Holes Reservoir further north.   I'm ready to spend more time 'birding.'  

Stealing a Moment

  When I came around the corner at dusk to see this stranger on the fence, the sight stole my breath.   So, I grabbed my cell phone and stole their moment.  Tit for tat. Yes, another February with lots of cold and snow.  

January . . .

On New Years Eve I heard the local fireworks that cracked and thumped in our neighborhood, and continued into the early hours of 2021. It's not that I denied anyone their celebration;  I just prefer to sleep when I can and wake up in a New Year feeling fine.  No Auld Lang Syne and no crack, snapple, pop..  I always sigh jealousy at the husband's breathing while his C-pap machine whirs quietly.  In addition to being able to fall asleep almost immediately, he has the blessing of maintaining a refreshing slumber.  Undisturbed. So, that's kind of where we were once more just two weeks into the New Year.  I told him to sleep and I would maintain my watch, waiting for updates from our son in law on the life of our middle daughter. Rest had been unattainable for the last 30 hours and I insisted that my husband go to bed because one of us needed to have some semblance of sanity and control.  It certainly wasn't going to be me. Our son-in-law had been frantic and sleepless and w


  You can contemplate.   It changes nothing. That was my thought on my walk yesterday when I decided to cross the bridge to the other side.  Because of the many months of work on the fish ladder the other path had not been a good option.   Yes, it took us to the same goal, but the detour was tiresome.   I don't even know if that is a good analogy to 2020.  Is there even such a thing?  The detours of this year may not even get us to the desired goal.  And what the heck is the goal anyway? I've so hunkered down into hermitville that I even had to make up that word to describe it. My husband and I have so far avoided the menace of the pandemic.  But other family members, who work in positions that welcome exposure, have not.   I told my daughter via cell phone this morning that my worrying would not worry her and my grandchildren well .  And, I cannot worry it away from our door either if it presents itself.    So I'm breathing and distracting. ( Not an easy task for a woman

Diet, Dye It

I needed a notary.  Getting a notarized signature meant a trip to my bank.  I can count on one hand how many times I've been there in the past 10 years.  Fact.  Which means I wasn't surprised that the young man truly needed to see my ID.  He was so young I wondered if he was even born the last time I was there.  Well, silliness aside, I was super embarrassed when he informed me that my Drivers License had expired.   (Later sifted through a pile of mail that my husband had daily stacked  and I daily ignored while it lay next to my computer.  The renewal notice was down there several months deep. )  Fortunately our state allows drivers to restore their rights on-line,  plus a hefty monetary fine for being a tardy numbskull.  You don't ever have to go in for a new photo! One doesn't need to fill in any information.  But... you can update.  Which I didn't do.  So I just left the ugly pounds discrepancy on my weight. I told myself it was essentially a lie of omission.  T