Baby Quail

My friend Venus prepared to water a large potted plant on her deck a few weeks back only to discover that it held six little eggs. She quietly backed away from the nest and then kept her eye on the planter from inside the family room glass sliding doors. A Quail hen soon scurried in from the garden to sit on her future bevy.

Venus, her husband, and 6-year old daughter gave the hen her privacy and protection while waiting patiently to see if the eggs would hatch.

Then, on the very day they were preparing to leave for a weekend of camping, the first Quail popped out. Can you see its beak and little brown fuzzy head?

The planter was empty when they returned home. We hope they all scampered safely away!


Kailani said…
Hopefully they'll come back and visit now and then!
Karmyn R said…
Venus was so honored to have that nest. Why are others so lucky?
Shauna said…
This is totally awesome! We hunt quail but also love just watching the wonders of nature. . .How often is it that someone can say quail hatched right there in their yard and had the opportunity to watch nature through its course. . .

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