Flowerbeds, Finches and Hummingbirds

Tonight this little hatch-year sub adult male Rufous posed long enough for me to snap him with my digital camera. He had just finished fighting an aerial battle with another young hummer. As he lies in wait for the return of his arch enemy he appears to be saying "I dare you to just try and get to my honeysuckle."

Then on the oppposite fence line the goldfinch were chattering as only finch can do. They were shy and flew away when I approached their communal bird bath. After they flitted off to the hanging sunflower seeder they didn't seem to care about my camera any more. In fact, notice that the one on right center was looking right at the lens saying "chee chee cheeze."

As for me, my destination tonight was the flower bed that runs between the fences. I was supposed to dead-head and weed.

Oh well..................... a wise woman named Scarlet once said, "After all, tomorrow is another day." (oh yeah.. and it's Friday, too)


Kailani said…
What beautiful pictures. I especially like the top one with the pink flowers! The bird is color coordinated with the flowers!

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Karmyn R said…
OY- I miss my camera so much! It is amazing how many missed shots I've agonized over the past two weeks. I LOVE the hummingbird one - you should paint that picture!!!
Walker said…
ADORE your photos! The hummingbird is truly special. I've always wanted to get a hummer in repose but never have been able to. Also love your bird bath.

Hey, why don't we see your paintings? I'd love to see some.
Brandi said…
loved the pics. We will be doing a zoology class when we start school next week so hopefully the kids and I will be able to find some great opportunities for shots like that as well.
Bonnie B said…
Those pictures are amazing. So beautiful-- beautiful birds and happy cone flowers
eph2810 said…
Awesome photography :) Thank you for sharing your talent.
Rob J. said…
I love the hummer photo. Several years ago a pair of Calliope Hummingbirds showed up in a park in upper Manhattan. Their daily schedule was divided between feeding and beating each other up. I suppose it was really more like serious menacing as a .1 ounce bird probably can't deliver too much of a thrashing ;-)

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