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Conversations with Grands

Last week I supervised my 14-year old grand daughter as she baked a beautiful apple-blueberry pie.  It was not only a pleasure to the taste buds, but it was beautifully crafted as well.  Almost six-year old Z-bub was all about that pie the rest of the morning.   "Where is the pie?" He worried at lunch. I told him we would serve it at dinner. When our evening meal arrived he took one look on the patio table and declared, "I don't see the pie!" "We need to eat our dinner first," I told him and we began serving up our barbecue chicken and corn on the cob. Z-bub took several bites and declared that he had eaten and was ready for dessert. "Z-bub, the rest of us are still eating our dinner," Grandpa reprimanded him quietly.  "You are going to have to be patient and wait.  Maybe you could even eat a few more bites off that plate while you wait?" We went on with the meal and he began to chow down with his normal appetite in command.