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The Bean

We have a new cat.  She belonged to our granddaughter who moved away.  Now she belongs to us.  Or we belong to her. Our first worry was that she would pee in our house.  She hasn't.  There were three dogs in the other home that makes us believe Bean had dog anxiety.  Her litter box is used and refreshed daily. The second worry was that she would not be happy as an indoor cat.  She is?   She has enjoyed the view of the back yard from her cat tree and has figured out how to access every window sill in the house.  (We have no plans to let her out where she would encounter one of the feral cats that recently bullied their way into our neighborhood. Oh! That's another post story, for sure!) The final worry was that we might not be able to adjust to another pet.  .... crickets...... Well here's the deal.  Bean is part Siamese.  All the bad parts. For instance --  last night.  Bedtime. We crawl into bed. Yawn.   Bean climbs (not the first time) to the shelf above the mirror on my