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Hole in the Wall Gang

Gattina wants to see where the Fun Monday participants blog! Ta Da!! Oh my goodness. My blogging space is a mess. (Messy space = organized mind. I swear it is true!) Join in the nosey fun at W r i t e r s C r a m p s .

Fun Monday -

I can't believe it is already Monday and Mama Drama is (are?) the host of the day. They want to know What funny trivial fact do you remember that you probably should have forgotten a long time ago? When I signed up last week I thought "no sweat, I'm the trivia Queen!" Then I just sat with my chin in hand, my eyes darted left and right, I made wistful sighs, and I realized I've forgotten everything I've ever learned. Well, except for one thing: I before E, except after C. Yes! I learned that when I was knee high to a grasshopper and I never forgot it. Especially when I spell words like species, science, sufficient, seize, weird, sovereignty, vein - well you get the picture. I really should forget that silly little mnemonic device and just learn how to spell. Fortunately for me, my computer does spell-check when I type posts. Now I only need to right click on my mouse and my "i" and my "e" pop right into place. To read the other trivi

Round Robin Photo Challenge - Art in the Park

When my memory chips are blinking I sometimes remember to play the Round Robin Photo Challenge. The inspiration today? Public Art. Every town across America has something art sy a bo ut it . Most cities have a public art program, although it may take a little bit of research to find where all the displays are located. My idea is to seek out the artsy side of the towns we live in or near, post the photo or photos and maybe write a short description of the art and the artist. If there is currently no display of Public Art in your area, then show us how your town decorates to invite visitors to your area. Banners, Welcome signs , etc Now, our town has art every where you look. There is creativity on each corner in our beautiful little downtown. This piece, however, happens to live in the park that is only a few blocks from my house. "Large Covered Wagon" by Tom Otterness There really is a cartoon quality to this sculpture that delights adults as well as children. Everyone

WW: Olympic Diving Gold Mudal

(Well, Future mudalist. In Grandpa's Garden, no less!) Join the Wordless Wednesday gang h.e.r.e!

Wordless Wednesday - Olympic Gold Swimmers

Fun Monday, Favorite, Favorite, and Favorite

AOJ and The Lurchers hosts todays Fun. She's an avid photographer and is excited to see our favorite photographs. Mine aren't favored because of their artistic merit. Rather, because they are forever blurred by tears - shed through the years for any reason you can possibly think of. If I had time (and energy) I would post a photo with each of my 9 grandchildren, too. Gooey Juice Cakers Mothers always think their babies are the most beautiful picture in the world. Click on The Lurchers right now and enjoy the photo gallerys of all my blogging friends.

The Grasshopper, Take Two

I share glass partitions and the late afternoon sun with coworkers. They are good people. Dan (featured here and here ) was at his desk as 5 o’clock pm approached on Wednesday. Doreen stopped to discuss some paperwork and he picked up his refillable water bottle. She had his undivided attention while he took a healthy swig. Immediately his eyes grew wide in horror, his cheeks inflated, and his body jerked right then left. Doreen let out a muffled cry of alarm, dropped her books and bag on his desk, and moved towards him in confusion. (Freeze Action) Two weeks ago I photographed a grasshopper on the glass pane at work and later posted it for Wordless Wednesday. Dan, in particular, was amused by my fascination with the little three-legged creature. Several days after the bug posing session, he humorously called my attention to “your little 3-legged friend” that was now camping by the printer we share. I decided to capture it and throw it out the door, but it hop

Wordless Wednesday - Olympic Flame

(Yes, Squash is recognized as an Olympic Sport.) Click here to visit WW headquarters.

Fun Monday: Humuhumunukunukuapua'a

Do I have a favorite word? Probably millions. But this one came to mind - and was already waiting for you to listen. (I'd used it nine months ago when Fun Monday presented favorite T-shirts.) I dare you to say it with me. Pamela's old favorite from pamela on Vimeo . Please visit Mothers of Brothers , the wordy ladies hosting today's "Favorite Words" Fun.