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Computer Problems

I don't know when I will be back. It is inevitable that a computer will do this. For the past few weeks I have hardly been able to visit blogs because of the "slow" processing. Yesterday a little pop up in my task bar told me I was out of virtual memory. (Same thing is happening in my own processor!) I'm hoping this will not be too time or dollar consuming. See you on the other side of whatever.

Fun Monday - Another Favorite Walk

AOJ at The Lurchers hosts today's Fun Monday, asking, " take me on your favourite walk. In words or pictures. Or both of course! Tell me why it's your favourite and point out things of interest on the way." I'm taking you on an easy stroll around my back yard. I found that walking with my digital camera was a little wobbly. So I tried to let the camera do most of the work. Unscripted, raw, and wiggly - here's my favorite morning walk: A Walk in the back Yard from pamela on Vimeo . Now, grab your canteen and your comfortable shoes or boots! Head on over to The Lurchers and get ready to do some serious walking!

Stronger Than Pain

Your Slogan Should Be Pamela. Stronger than Pain. The Slogan Generator

Fun Monday - Guest Blogger

Southern Doll is the genteel host of todays fun. Pamela is under the weather today and so her dear hubby is guest posting. He has chosen as his topic " What have you done in your life that was worth doing?" Here is an unusual story that came to mind : * * * * * * * Life as firefighter and paramedic for twenty-six years gave me plenty of opportunities to feel proud of being a public servant. Sometimes, it comes in strange forms. One that comes to mind was a typical (if there is such a thing) house fire. One that Hollywood might make. I was the Captain in charge and on arrival I observed the front of the house on fire and coming through the roof of the one story older home. The first in engine company was to come directly to the fire after stopping at the fire hydrant, the ambulance crew would hook up the supply line, and the fire crews were to advance on the fire. One of the first tasks for the crew was to enter from the unburned side (the back door), search for occupan

Just Silly Stuff

I have eleventy jillion passwords in my life. At least it feels like it. Last week I locked myself out of one of my work related web sites. The protocol is very similar on most passwords. You may mark the little box to request they Email you a new one. My Email never came! Eventually, I called the toll free number for technical assistance and reached a man in a country on the other side of the globe. He took my name and business information. When he began to ask me the "Personal Question" I had written for just this scenario he burst into giggles. It took about 30 seconds for me to realize that he was still trying to finish asking me the question. That's when I felt a warm flush over my face as I recalled the problems on this web site the previous month. Every day the log-in page redirected me to the individual profile. For three weeks straight I had to set up new personal information before proceeding. It was time consuming and frustrating. One day my patience wore

Wordless Wednesday -Cherry Blossom Blizzard

My Canon PowerShot Visit Wordless Wednesday headquarters Here .

Fun Monday - Five Words, Five Pictures

Nekked Lizard Adventures is hosting todays Fun Monday. There are two Nekked Lizards, so I'm assuming they are co-hosting. They gave us an assignment with some parameters: FIVE PICTURES - FIVE WORDS PER PICTURE. I guess they wanted less jabberwocky. Well I'm ready to shut up and go 5 x5. Are you? A favorite place to walk! The sky reveals a raptor. The brush conceals the deer. Gopher snakes enjoy the sun. And I enjoy it all! Please sign up to join the fun. Or, just pop over to the hosts blog to find all the participating links. I know the Nekked Lizards will welcome you. One more Fiver: They are not really nekked.

Goodbye Winter, Goodbye Bunny

Yesterday was winter. Today is summer. It is 80 degrees and the daffodils and hyacinths all fainted. I don’t know what happened to my tulips. Was it too cold, or did a gopher eat them? I was weeding the parking strip when my 86 year old neighbor Bill wandered over. We chatted about his lawn mower (the hubby delivered and picked it up for him at local small engine repair shop.) I learned that Allie, his dog, would have an afternoon bath. He commiserated with me over the resilient grass and weeds that I was digging from the gravel. He always has something to share with me, but this morning it was my turn to show him so mething. I took him into the back yard where a wide circle of rabbit fur indicated the last moments of one of our little cotton-tailed friends. I was hoping it wasn’t the work of our cats. The Contessa has no claws but L-G (Little Girl) is fully loaded and has a history of living outdoors. No body parts were left behind so we concluded that it was

Pensieve's Poetic License ~ April Challenge

SPRING UNCERTAINTY Reaching for skyline The snow on the foothills Retreats Perching ‘Neath rain cover The finch on the feeder Huddles Evading the frost bite The peach by the green house Blossoms Disregarding the forecast I dress for the weather Challenges Refracting bowed promise The sun, through the rain shower Prevails Interest in other participants Haiku? The Robin of Spring can be found HERE.

Fun Monday Prehistoric Crushes

Jo Beaufoix (like Kate Moss. But not) is a new host for Fun Monday. (And, ironically is also introducing her new blog host at the same time. She's courageous.) "Tell me about your crushes." was her command. Oh - she asked for a bunch of other stuff, too - but I can't multi-task anymore. She had me at Crush. First crush: Spin and Marty. (Yippy A, Yippy I, Yippy O.......:) Don't ask me what these two young "studs" were doing at the Triple R Ranch. All I recall is never missing the Micky Mouse Club. Spin and Marty were one of the ongoing serials that kept us entertained. High School Pin UP. Jan Michael Vincent . I didn't have a poster of the hunk although it is possible that I wanted one. I lived a sheltered life and this crush was quietly guarded. Just look at the ooze off that guy. Here is a LINK to see him in a recent interview. He was once the Hot Fudge on an ice-cream sundae

All Dogs Go To Heaven

I’ve been following the saga of the severely injured Belle over at Willowtree . It takes me back to the late eighties when we went through a nearly identical scenario with our beloved dog FreeBea. You may have guessed by her name the price we paid for her. Nothing. She and her adorable litter mates were sired by a black lab of questionable origin that jumped the fence. Her mom was a registered German Wire-haired Pointer. FreeBea inherited the coarse hair, but none of the wiry curls from the show dog. Her coat was a combination of brown and black, with an undercoat of brown when you brushed the wrong direction. The following adjectives all applied to her disposition (and position) in our household: Happy, spirited, trustworthy, affectionate, and loved. She was smart about potty training and never soiled in the house. She always squatted in a specific corner of the yard allowing for easy pooper scooping and lawn maintenance. The same obedient nature did not appl

Wordless Wednesday -Spring Snow on Petals & Tongues

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