It's a Carnival

It was truly a carnival at our house today. Our three lovely daughters surprised us with a Hawaiian luau 30th anniversary celebration. I'm sure you will hear about it from Karmyn when they get home. I'll let her tell the story. I only know what happened since this morning.

What a party! Friends, family, food, fun!

In the meantime.... please don't forget the bloggin chicks 10th carnival and head on over there for the cotton candy and the ferris wheel. Well..................... it could happen!

I've entered a post from June. (I've been bloggin for two months yesterday.) PS. when you hit this june link you have to scroll down quite a way. When I changed templates, something happened and my archives has a long scroll before the first post. ???? I'm sure it is something that Michele or Lindsey can figure out. (Lindsey at Suspension of Disbelief must be having some tech problems, because when I posted this her blog lwas not coming up as usual)


Robin said…


So fun in your neck....CONGRATULATIONS!

But where's your June Post? I don't see it. But, the pics of your sky are simply beautiful :)
willowtree said…
Happy Anniversary Pamela. And 30 more.
Kailani said…
Happy 2 month anniversary! Look how far you've come! Hope the hawaiian food was "ono"!
Anna Venger said…
Happy anniversary! 30 years is something to celebrate! Congratulations.
Rebecca said…
30 years! You make my nine seem like nothing. ;-)
fivetimemom said…
you are truly blessed with the love of so many people.... I must say how great your back yard pond is, I want one....

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