My Sky

We are so close to finishing up THE BACK YARD. Well, we never ever truly finish landscaping. Things are always changing. But, for the past few evenings as we have worked, the sky has been changing and looking so awesome that I have snapped pictures upwards instead of pictures of the yard. Perhaps tomorrow you will get to see what has finally become of the horrid mess we had in March. The hubby has worked his fingers to the bone. I've helped as I have been able. Our friends Mike and Kim have spent hours the past three days helping with the water feature. That has included accompanying us to the mountains to haul rocks in for landscaping. (Yes we have a permit.) You can't ask for better friends. Mike said he recalls the saying that "Love is a behavior not just a feeling."
PS. It's raining


Georgous photos!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink clouds against the blue sky. The quote about love being a behavior and not a feeling.... very thought provoking -- great reminder!

You have a beautiful sky!
Patty said…
Love the clouds mate, well done.
Karmyn R said…
Raining? Are we going to witness a thunderstorm on our visit? Will there be mud?

I'm leaving the dogs at home.
Kailani said…
Very nice pictures! You must have a really awesome camera!
Pass The Torch said…
Beautiful sky - beautiful saying...
willowtree said…
Looking forward to the 'after' pics.
Robin said… took time for the important things, I see :). When I see a sky like those...I realize God is a fan of the Arts...He is a MASTER of the craft!

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