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Conversations with Grands and Grand Old Dames

Dinkum Devo: Grandma ..... Grandma....  Grandma walks from the kitchen into the family room where Dinkum is on his knees by the coffee table, elbow on coffee table, head on hand. Grandma: What sweetie? Dinkum: Can I take my hand off my head yet? Grandma: What?  Dinkum: Can I take my hand off my head yet? Grandma: Well of course... why do you have  your hand on your head ... is this some kind of game? Dinkum: Grandpa told me to hold my hand on my head. Grandma: Oh. Well, sure take your hand off your head. Later grandma asks grandpa if he told Dinkum to hold his hand on his head. Grandpa looked puzzled briefly, then he began to chuckle.  "No, when I walked through the room and he was making all those star war noises I told him that grandma had a headache and he needed to keep those noises inside his head for awhile." * * * * * * * Grandma is reading "How Do Dinosaur's say Goodnight" to Z-bub, Dinkum, and Mizelle. Dinkum Devo: Grandma, were

Not Esther Williams....

Last Saturday morning a fruit fly did a swan dive into my cooked oatmeal with raisins.  I was able to scoop him out immediately. Later, while chewing, I started worrying that it might have been a synchronized swimming event.