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June is History

Our house was chaos the past few months.   A new patio was built and some inside stuff fixed because the walls had to be opened to inspect damage. And our third grandchild graduated from high school.  I pulled up this photo that I took with my digital zoom from across a huge auditorium to share and just now read the caption on one of his neighbor's mortar board.    (This was nothing like High School Musical) Jammin' is heading off to college this fall.  He got a good scholarship and will be studying Physics, or possibly Astro Physics.  He's not entirely sure.  Not being sure is an acceptable position to me. In June I also drove to Oklahoma with two siblings.  It was a brother's 83rd birthday and his 60th wedding anniversary. Many friends and family surprised them.  It was lovely.  And, a long drive.    Then a few weeks ago, with major help from my 14 year old grandson Zbub, I stayed at a daughter's small farm to take care of the