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Rainy Day

I love the way the rain drops catch  on the net that protects our fish  from the Heron and the Kingfisher.  One day I saw the Heron  standing on top of  the rocks  peering hungrily at the goldfish  in their winter “hover” at the bottom.   Such easy pickings when the pond is open. While the sun is shining the net  is nearly invisible… which explains why I’ve twice  seen the Kingfisher diving from the sky,  only to be bounced back up into the air.   I was worried that it was hurt.  But it flew up and scolded loudly from a perch high in the maple tree. When the rain turned to mist  I took the three grandchildren out  to blow bubbles. The moist air has a good influence  on the stability of the bubble.  It gives the kids opportunity to chase the rainbow balls ... as the slight breeze carries them away. Z-bub created some huge ones.   When one floated near, I coul

One Sentence Saturday

Did  Punxsutawney Phil's prediction send old man winter back to your front door? Robin @ Pensive is actually hosting a One Sentence Saturday .

First of the Month–Watch Them Grow

Joining in with another First of The Month  with another photo of the three grand children that I have followed on here for the past year.  (Jan at Murrieta 365 still has the Meme going strong!) We had nine grandchildren at our house the week before Christmas so we bought a one size fits all gift:  Wii. It was a good choice. This afternoon when Z-bub got off the bus, I allowed the boys to play some Mario Brothers.  It suits them to a T!  And Mizelle?  Well, she watches, and then begs to play.  I will have to find an easier and more age appropriate game for her.  Any suggestions for a 2 1/2 year old? (Archives - previous months posts)