Another rare scene

This morning I noticed that Karmyn had posted a photograph taken on her way home on Sunday. It was taken at Hood River in the Columbia River Gorge. So, I'm posting another rare scene, further east in the same Gorge. My cousin and I were traveling home in early June when we spottted a herd of Mountain Sheep close to Interstate 84. Fortunately SHE had her digital camera as I only had my mouth open. There was one breathtaking moment when what was probably the alpha male came charging along the trail towards us. Once he realized we were just a couple of old women he stopped and headed up the hill. I hope you can see them, it's such a small picture.... but then it's a big Gorge!


Walker said…
WOWOW! That is so incredibly cool.
Pass The Torch said…
You get pictures of the coolest stuff!!! Thanks for stopping by my site. I didn't do the vote this time because I combined the meme with the contest. It was really hard to decide on a winner too, so I just gave them all the award. Is that really lame? Do you think I should do the vote again next time?
Karmyn R said…
I looked for them on my drive, but never saw them....I suppose it wasn't green enough right now.
Susan in va said…
Now that's definitely something we don't see here in Virginia. Gorgeous.
SongBird said…
Absolutely beautiful!!

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