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Crowded Exit

"Mom!  Look!  That woman is crawling over the barrier on the overpass!" It was a weekend in July and I was with my youngest daughter and her two children at the fast food drive-up window where we  had a clear view of the overpass on I-205.  My daughter's agitated voice jerked my attention away from the baby in the back seat.   I scanned through the windshield in the direction her hand was waving. "Awwwoooh!" was my response as my eye caught the movement of the  leg of a woman as she straddled the railing. I began rifling through my purse seeking my cell phone while still keeping my eye on the scene.  Where was that cell phone? Then a man drew our attention.  He was walking slowly toward the woman with one hand stretched in her direction. I recognized him immediately.  He was one of several panhandlers we've seen guarding the end of the off ramp at that location. Although we couldn't hear their voices, we could tell by their physical actions