She could have had a V-8

I don't like tomato juice. Nor do I like V-8 juice. This post has nothing to do with either. I hope that you will understand my choice of title when you reach the end of this very short story.

About one month ago I spent an evening pointing my mouse at the "next blog" icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. It was a revealing evening; there is alot of junk out there.

One of the blogs that opened was a young man in an argument with his father. Dad wanted him to go on the family vacation to Hawaii. He was balking because he had just met this girl and he thought she might be 'the one.' He didn't want to miss the chance of having her in his life by taking off for ten days of fun in the sun with family.

The comment queen (me) had to give him advice. I said, "GO!" If she's the one, she'll still be the one when you get home. No sooner had I commented when another post appeared with the same counsel. He said he appreciated our input. I wonder what he chose to do.

The next day at work, a woman stopped by my desk with a very similiar situation. Because her husband wasn't able to get away from his job for their planned tour of Europe, she had arranged for her two twenty-something children to go. She was disappointed when her older daughter copped out and asked for the money instead. She said she would rather use it for her upcoming honeymoon.

Fast forward to today. The woman came into my workplace and stopped to share a few highlights of their adventure. I flippantly asked, "Well, is your daughter wishing she had gone with you now?"

I can't describe the look that wrote on her face and began articulating an "I told her so" in body language.

"Yes, " she drawled with one eybrow cocked. "They broke off their engagement."

Thats when I thought of that old annoying commercial - when someone comes to the realization that they ended up with just a cold glass of tomato juice.


Bonnie B said…
That is so true! Poor dear I feel for her. SHe is going to be lonely
Kailani said…
I can't believe that both those kids gave up incredible trips! They will definitely look back one day and regret it if they haven't already.
Karmyn R said…
I guess that is when 'wisdom' comes with old age. "would have" "could have" "should have" are many words I use when looking back at my youth!!!

What is important to you at 20 is not important to you at 40
Patty said…
hahaha, love it!
willowtree said…
Grrr!! That I'd rather have the money line has pissed me off ever since I heard my elder brother say it to my mother 30 years ago.

You accept what's offered or piss off. But that's just my opinion (which I give freely and often)
Robin said…
I guess what's the saddest part of all those "stories" is the kids didn't wanna spend time with their parents:/...I mean, giving up Hawaii?? Europe??? All expenses paid?! There's much more of a story there, and I'm afraid, it's probably not a good one. kids are still young...what am I gonna do "today" that assures they're gonna want to "travel" with me "tomorrow"?

For now, get off my damn computer;)
rose said…
Pamela thanks for putting those beautiful pictures in I love sky pics and scenery one of these days I'm going to learn how to pout the pics on Rosemary
Julie said…
Oh man! Do you think she was walking all crooked like they did in the V-8 commercial? LOL

I agree with WT. Either accept the offer or decline. Don't ask for the $$. I have been blessed with a Granny who loves to travel. The best part is that she loves to travel with me. We have so much fun! I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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