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Hoarfrost Morning

We took some grandchildren to see FROZEN and now we know who to blame for this.

Sparkling Sunshine

This afternoon my husband transferred a couple of videos from his phone.  One of them was from a late summer walk along the creek.  The water flowing over the diversion was catching the golden rays from the setting sun. Sunset Sparkling on the Diversion Dam from pamela on Vimeo .

The Throne

Twelve years ago there was remodel work done to both bathrooms in our house.  Installed in one bathroom was a new low-flow toilet that was supposed to be environmentally friendly. It never made friends in OUR environment for several reasons: #1.We had to keep a bucket and a plunger handy.  It was always getting plugged. #2. There was no such thing as a one flush.  It always required two flushes to get the job done, and sometimes three. #3.  It wobbled when you sat on it. So now we have a toilet installed that is GUARANTEED to never get plugged.  The plumbers even said they would pay us $25 if it did.   They also did some shimmy work so that it won't make you dizzy if you're planning a long visit. So, Merry Christmas to me.

Birthdays, Holidays, Weddings...OH MY!

Yes.  We have all three this season.  In our close family we have birthdays on November 29, December 17, 24, and 30.  Our anniversary and Thanksgiving dance around each other every year.   Our Goddaughter has a birthday on December 23.  A grand niece on December 12.   Then Christmas, and New Years. And stuck in the middle of all that our daughter's WEDDING.   It's fast approaching and I'm not ready. Taking deep breaths. Most of my shopping is done for Christmas.    I cheated and ordered most things on line.  Shopping for eleven grandchildren for Christmas is hard work! The wonderful thing was the discovery of "points" on my credit card which were used for much of my shopping.  It was great to buy things and have them paid for by those points. Counting down already for spring.  My fingers are always cold.   The silly cat, elGee, will go to the door and wait for me to open it.  Once I get that door open, she stops half in/half out.  My choice would be th

The First Snow Flurry

Last evening we saw our first snow.  Obviously someone was very happy about that and it wasn't me.