Blog Day August 31, 2006

Blog Day August 31, 2006
Oh how I love to read blogs. I have around 10 that I pop into every morning before I head to work and nearly always spin some kind of comment, just to let them know I've been by. Sometimes (always) I'm late for work and just breeze in and out without a word.

I do have some other blogs I read. They run the gamut - anything and everything.

Here are five that I think you will enjoy visiting.... at least once!!!

One of my favorite is Middle East Journal by Michael Totten. He is a professional journalist who has been traveling and writing an independent view of the happenings in that part of the world. One of my favorite posts was his strange trip to Libya, also pubished in the LA Weekly. If you don't get a chance to read any of his other works, do take the time to read that one. Another fascinating tale is his BACK TO IRAQ series, part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, and the finale. Let me know if you think he is crazy or a 21st century explorer.

When I want to see some great photography and wish that I snapped that shot, I check out Breath of Life Photography.

Then when I want to beat myself up with a stick I check out a few watercolor sites including The Creative Journey. It just makes me want to quit my day job and roll my naked body in paint on a wet canvas. HA HA. Well, at least it makes me want to quit my day job.

Probably the very first blog I ever read was Mountaineer Musings. I didn't know what blogging was, so it was the eye opener for me. I still don't know what she is about. For awhile she was doing play by play of the American Idol performances. And one day she was ranting on how that great show Alias turned so crappy. I think she's the one that made me start thinking that if she could do it, so I could I.

Last, I want you to visit a sweet and sassy lady, (an older one), who has tackled blogging in an effort to breathe some life into her family history. You may have seen her on my side bar. Take a journey back in time to Rosemary's Pentecostal Songs and encourage her to stay on task. Isn't it great to see the greatest generation take on technology with such determination!

I'll be coming home from work tomorrow and hoping to see what everyone else has linked to on their blogs. Have a wonderful blog journey.


Swampwitch said…
OK, I know what I'm going to do those awesome blogs. I can't get a picture to post, feeling low about it, and then to see those blogs. WOW!
Karmyn R said…
Okay - first off, let me say that I think your work is WAY better than The Creative Journey - well, you just have a different style than hers - and I like your style better.

Love Michael Totten - and I went and visited Rosemary. She has some sweet memories.
Shauna said…
Okay, I will be checking these out. . .I have my everyday visits too! None of them have include those you mentioned. . .Might have some new ones to add to my daily blogging. . .
Thanks for sharing!
Pass The Torch said…
I visit Breath of Life Photography sometimes too - fantastic!

And your comment today on my question post was AWESOME!!! Thanks;)

Home of Pass the Torch Tuesday
Robin said…
I don't know if I'm going to read a bunch of other blogs today or not; I'm just trying to visit all my "regulars" do y'all not get behind? I've missed a day and I can't catch up!

Fodwox! :(
Julie said…
All I am going to say is that I agree with Karmyn! And I will check out the rest. They sound so interesting.

Happy Glob Day!!
Karen said…
Pamela, thank you for mentioning my site and for your funny comments. I don't often roll around in paint but it does sound like a lot of fun and might lead to some interesting results. And I absolutely agree with you about dust. I'd rather paint and draw than do just about anything else, too!
Debs said…
Hi just saying I have been by ;) I will be checking out the listed blogs.

I missed the Glob day *LOL*
Swampwitch said…
I noticed Debs referred to Blog Day as GLOB day...I hope my lysdexia is not contagious...
But it is funny to see it referred to that way by someone else.
Kailani said…
Thank you for the recommendations. I'll definitely check them out.
Tricia said…
Thank you so much for mentioning my site. I'm very pleased to hear that you (and at least one of your commenters) enjoy my photos. I'm still learning but I love taking the photos and sharing them with my visitors. I take a lot of photos - the more photos you take there's got to be some good ones in the bunch. ;)

Thanks again for the shout out! Leave a comment sometime. :) Now, I'm off to see some of the other wonderful sounding sites that you've mentioned.
Kiyotoe said…
I will definitely visit your recommendations if you will do the same. I have an entry entitled "Spreading the Luv".

Thanks for sharing these.

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