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You have entered …The Headlight Zone

It was 1990, and my nephew Matt was in love. It’s a love story that needs to be told. But, not today. No. This story is about a brisk October night in Arkansas. A short story that, 22 years later, still has enough chill to send shivers down your back. The kind of story that finds its way into conversations when family gets together and someone always asks, do you remember when….. Matt took a year off of college to work as a park ranger at Camp Yorktown Bay. Angel, the love of his life, lived in Arkansas and that was where he wanted to be – close to her. On a weekend off  Matt would drive three hours up Highway 7 , a scenic byway that is flagged by the State's Tourism promotions. However, the often late night runs would emphasize the curves and the dark lonely miles through forests and mountains that were only illuminated by occasional habitations. The aging ‘78 Toyota Corolla that took him on each journey had belonged to his parents, and it had a puzzling problem with the e