THE BACK YARD (...there once was a hole) UPDATED

REMINDER: First picture taken in March, others in August.

Here is an update - mostly so Willowtree will know we didn't photoshop. If you look just to my left you will see the bamboo entry (or whats left of it) from the yard party on Saturday. Kailani, you would have thought the bamboo was a hoot. You want a pond ?? but you have the whole Pacific Ocean. The hubby started to take them down and I said STOP. Leave it. Let me love seeing it for just a little while longer. Darn... I'm crying again. Robin, you would have had so much fun seeing everyone dressed up. My grandaughters with coconut bra' brother wearing a grass skirt. Those girls........... .......................God blessed us. We sure think of all the times we coulda, shudda, woulda been better parents - looking back. And 7 grandkids and all those new rocks around the pond.... and no one fell in!


Pass The Torch said…
What a great before and after shot! I can never remember to do the before until half way through the project. Ugh!

Thanks for stopping by and hope you'll come back tomorrow for Pass the Torch Tuesday.
Kailani said…
I was over at Blogging Chicks and was happily surprised to see you there! You know I would have come to visit anyway.

Did you do all that work? Can you come to my house and work in my yard? I love the waterafall!
willowtree said…
Hmmm, it looks to me like the second pic is different to the first, there definitely seems to be some discrepencies. Not 100% certain but pretty sure.

Very nice.
Shauna said…
So pretty and relaxing! ! ! I would love to do something like that in our yard. .
Amanda said…
You guys did a great job !! It is beautiful!
Karmyn R said…
I have a picture of the goldfish being put in. Dad has it on the CD - do you want it? I thought they were cute.
willowtree said…
I thought I was going crazy, I came back here 3 times throughout the day and there was still only 2 pictures. Then I got a brainstorm (more like a shower really) and hit refesh.

At the risk of repeating myself Very Nice
Robin said…
Pamela...Pam e's BEAUTIFUL! Your husband is amazing! I cannot believe the transformation in such a short time (why do the words "the dust will wait" apply here, too).

I can see with my mind's eye coconut bras & grass skirts, heck, I can even hear a ukelele strumming :). Hmmmm, what were YOU wearing? :D

The truth is...shoulda, woulda, coulda, SMOULDA!! Y'all weren't perfect parents, but you understand, dear one, those don't exist. You were perfect (enough) for your girls--THIS is evidence of THAT! Praise God for His grace in our lives, praise Him, too, for gifting us with the ability to remember and focus on the truly good things in our lives :)

Thank you thank you thank you for sharing.
rose said…
Pamela Beautiful Pictures Thank you for sharing with us Rosemary
michele said…
What a beautiful creation. Your husband did a great job. It looks like a great place to sit and meditate on the word of God and enjoy a nice cup of tea :-)

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