Thirty years ---- it can't be true

When you are young and in love, everything is wonderful. You even get forgiven for giving your groom a frizzy permanent before the wedding.

(He's reconsidering, though!)
That angle of a picture was a poor choice with a low back dress. I look like a giraffe. Believe me, my neck really stopped close to the hair line.

I just found the very few wedding pictures we had taken. Most of them were poloroid. Two professional ones. Our daughters wanted to have them out for the party on Saturday and we couldn't find them. Of course HAD I KNOWN ABOUT THE PARTY I could have looked ahead of time. (:

Just thinking now that we should have put the family albums on a table and let people look at the passing of the years. The newborn babies, the 1st birthday cake, the spagetti covered 2 year old, the first steps, the swingset, the birthday parties, the first tootheless grin, the softball games, the kites at the beach, the chickenpox, the camping trips, the first trout, the pajama parties, the dogs, the cats, the in laws, the great grandparents, the graduations, the marching in parades, weddings, becoming grandparents, hanging spoons from noses........................... I put that last one in to see if I still had your attention.

He completes me.


Pass The Torch said…
Congratulations! And I think it's a beautiful picture.

30 years is a big deal.

By the way, "Snot Stew" completely made my day!!
Susan in va said…
That picture is too sweet! And the last line (*sniff*), if you can still say that after 30 years, you have truly been blessed.

(my w.v. is mkador - looks like "make a door")
Amanda said…
Yes, Dad is a big man for continuing to love you after you did this to his hair. Believe it or not, he is handsome enough to pull off this look, or his current one. You know, the "little-less-hair-than-before" look. And you look beautiful. Congrats on 30 years, it is truly inspiring.
willowtree said…
You should be thrown in jail for felony hair abuse. And in the next cell should be your dear husband for unlawful use of sideburns.

But then I guess all the other inmates at the time would look the same.

Another round of Congrats for 30 years.
Karmyn R said…
I was going to say "Hubba Hubba" but dad's hair got me giggling too hard.

Now there isn't any hair to perm - so I guess he can feel fortunate that he had it then to perm!
SongBird said…
Congratulations! Lovely wedding photo. Your husband's hair looks far better permed than mine did 30 years ago! Coincidentally, I posted a picture Thursday of my permed self.
Pamela said…
The hubby laughed and enjoyed all your comments.

Me thinks he and Willowtree need to comopare ear hair. Thats where it starts growing once it departs the head.
Patty said…
"He completes me."

Wow, I am knocked out by this simple statement, summing up a 30 year-old love affair. *tears up
Bonnie B said…
I think it's a lovely picture-- though the hair-- what were you thinking? Now that is love when a man lets you perm his hair.

Congrats on 30 years- wow! My husband and I celebrate 9 years on Wednesday. It feels like I met him last week-- so where did all these kids (my kids) come from?

hnogwkky is what you say whent heir is too much rum in the egg nog "H! Nog Wikky!"
Robin said…
Personally, I think the years have been kind to you both! We'd never guess 30 years if you hadn't told us. It MUST HAVE been LOVE if he sat still for you to do THAT to him (he was holding out for a little "somethin somethin" on the honeymoon). Ah...the things we do for love ;)
Julie said…
My first thought: It's Welcome Back Cotter! (I know it is an OLD show, but that is what his hair reminded me of.) I loved that stupid show for some reason.

Second thought: Awww!!! (teary eyes) He completes her. Awww!!! (teary eyes)

Third and thought: (teary eyes from laughter this time) Welcome Back Cotter!!!! ROFL!! That is great! Why in the world did all those men get perms anyway? My Granny gave my Grandad and my Dad a perm. I don't even want to see those photos again. I had nightmares about my Grandad with permed hair. Really!

Fourth and Final thought! Aww! 30 years! That is wonderful! I am to the half way point (will be in January anyway). Great photos by the way.

hhdmoztz? I'm not creative enough to create a meaning. :)
Biker Betty said…
Congratulations!! Wishing you many more.

PS: I would have liked to see the hanging spoons from noses, lol.
Anonymous said…
yeah lets see some hanging spoons ivy

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