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  You can contemplate.   It changes nothing. That was my thought on my walk yesterday when I decided to cross the bridge to the other side.  Because of the many months of work on the fish ladder the other path had not been a good option.   Yes, it took us to the same goal, but the detour was tiresome.   I don't even know if that is a good analogy to 2020.  Is there even such a thing?  The detours of this year may not even get us to the desired goal.  And what the heck is the goal anyway? I've so hunkered down into hermitville that I even had to make up that word to describe it. My husband and I have so far avoided the menace of the pandemic.  But other family members, who work in positions that welcome exposure, have not.   I told my daughter via cell phone this morning that my worrying would not worry her and my grandchildren well .  And, I cannot worry it away from our door either if it presents itself.    So I'm breathing and distracting. ( Not an easy task for a woman