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 It was 1970 when dad and mom came to visit me in Corrales, NM.  I lived in a very old  style square adobe house at the edge of the small town.(At the time it was said '1000 people, 2000 dogs, 3000 registered horses.')  It was primitive with a breath-taking view of the Sandia Mountains.  I saw dad on his knees in the dusty yard. So, I ran out fearing he was having a stroke or heart attack. Instead, I heard him chanting " doodle up, doodle up, doodle up bug," Oh! We shared a rare moment and giggle that day.  He had discovered the vortex of an ant- lion... AKA doodle bug. The nostalgia washed over me this morning.    I have not experienced a doodle bug here.  But on occasion I do giggle over the usually hidden pill bugs.  My grandchildren call them roly- poly. No one was here to share the moment.  So, lucky you. P.S.  I was truly chasing a hummingbird I'm not totally losing focus.