Hummer - the winged variety

This morning I ate my breakfast on the patio by the new "water feature." There were probably six hummingbirds chasing each other around the yard and over the fence into the neighbors. I grabbed my trusty little digital and got my 2nd wonderful picture in two weeks. Isn't he gorgeous?

The honeysuckle seems to be their favorite attraction.

The sparrows and finch were not safe from these little buzzing menaces. It is amusing for me to watch the house sparrows attempt to escape the rufous and his acrobatics.

It is so beautiful I don't wan't to go to work. Well, I wouldn't want to go to work irregardless of what the day is like. I'd rather sit out there all day with my camera and my binoculars. I think my next purchase will be a tiny laptop so I don't have to blog indoors.

I would like to set up my water color table out there as well. The Contessa, our cat shares my love for watercolors. Several times I have discovered her sprawled across my wet paints, or the wet surface of a new work of "art." (ô¿ô)

I should set up spot on my table just for her. With my luck, she would become a world famous artist and leave me to tour her world of admirers.

(Rufous hummingbird)



Debs said…
I am so jealous ;) I would love to have more hummingbirds coming to my yard. Love the pics of the hummingbirds.
Kailani said…
Once again, beautiful pictures. You must have an awesome zoom lense on that camera! I love your new view from the patio. So relaxing. I would probably stay out there all day, too!
Karmyn R said…
Great shot!

I sat by the window this morning trying to get a shot of the two cute little nuthatches drinking from my birdbath - but they saw me, took off, and didn't come back in the time I was allowed to wait.

I did get a nice pic of my birdbath though! hee hee
Julie said…
Beautiful photos!!! I have not been lucky enough to get a photo of a hummingbird. I love yours.

What a beautiful yard you have. Love the water feature too!
Walker said…
He's such a fat little fella! Looks so different from our ruby-throated ones.
willowtree said…
Screw the birds! Give me more shots of the pond! That's just beautiful, that pic is the best angle so far.

Nice photography. Now, get to work!
Karmyn R said…
Okay - TWICE now I have written my comment, hit PUBLISH and then - BAM - you've commented half-a-second before I did. Great minds think a like (or read the same blogs)
Susan in va said…
WOW!! Absolutely beautiful.

Since you've been to my blog, you know that I hate gardening. I do however, love gardens. I've decided to enlarge your picture to fill up my computer screen, dub in some background sounds (birds, trickling stream), and voila! My own personal sanctuary - all without the bees and spiders. It's perfect :)

(In all seriousness, do you think you could come over and do that in my back yard?)
SongBird said…
Wow!! Beautiful garden. I can spend hours on my front porch watching the birds and other critters that visit me in my little clearing in the woods.
Sue said…
How lovely to have a hummingbird visit your garden. We used to have a male pheasant visit our garden for two summers, (but he has disappeared now,) amongst other birds, as well as a very busy squirrel.
Robin said…
Hummingbirds fascinate me--what a GREAT picture! Gosh, I'd love to come over and have a cup of coffee with you on your patio...and watch you (and the Contessa) paint...

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