Where's My Blog Roll?

This morning my husband asked, "Hon! What happened to your list of blogging friends?"

Although he is not interested in blogging, I guess he checks out some of my favorite haunts when he has a few minutes. Who'd've thunk?

He is now aware that my blog roll is under "View My Complete Profile."

This may not be quite as convenient for readers, or for my husband.

But it is great for me. I love this feature recently added to Blogger. When I log into the dashboard , I am able to scroll through the new posts and edit my reading list with ease.

That "editing with ease" may be a problem, as I keep finding more and more blogs that I love to read.

I wish someone would pay me to read blogs. (Isn't that the fantasy? As long as I don't have to put an advertisement on my blog.)


foam said…
yes, i enjoy that feature too ..
hope you and yours have a good christmas, pamela ..
and stay safe in all that snow!!
jettied said…
Good idea get paid to read blogs!!!! You'd be richer than me!!!!
I love your..I would love to nibble on his neck!!
you are such a wit!! Have a wonderful Christmas!!
C said…
I wish someone would pay me to read as well. I love to read but it takes up a lot of time. ;)
Desert Songbird said…
I haven't done too well with the reading part lately, so I guess I wouldn't get paid very much!
Kila said…
I was wondering where it went! When coming here, after commenting, I used to use your handy links to get to other blogging friends' sites, LOL.

Hmm, so which ones are your hubby's favorites?
PEA said…
I think we'd all be millionaires by now! lol Not having had time to visit the last few days, my Bloglines showed I had 389 posts to read...I was ready to sit down and cry! hehe

May Peace be your gift at Christmas and your blessing all year through! Merry Christmas to you and yours, dear Pamela. xoxo
I have my blog roll on the sidebar. It shows a picture when a new post is up and the subject or whatever. Really makes things easier, but like you...I keep adding to my list and I really need to update with blogs I've made a note to list!

The past two days, I've been running around trying to leave a personal message on as many blogs as possible. That message is:

Happy Happy Holidays!
Merry Christmas!
WT said…
The other thing that Blogger has done right is to add more vowels to their WV, you can now remember the letters much easier because they make up pronounceable words.
karisma said…
I also love the new followers section, it is so easy to use. Although I still keep my list as like your dh a lot of my family go reading from there.

Have a safe and happy holiday season. Take care! Hugs xxxx
Shelby said…
yeah I don't want to put an advertisement thingie on my blog either.. but I would love to get paid for reading.. that is a great idea. :) I want in.
swamp~elf said…
I ate it.

Yummy. Blog Rolls are the best.
Faye said…
Okay, I'll make setting up a blog roll my tech learning challenge for the first of the new year. In the meantime I'll just lurk on some of you smartypants' blogs to see when someone has a new post. I especially like the ones that have the lead in sentence. . .

Actually though I popped by your place today to wish you and yours a very happy holiday, Pamela. Saw from previous posts that you've already started with some fun activities with the grands. All the best in '09.
Count me in on reading blogs also. What a fun job that would be. Merry Christmas. Enjoy your holidays!
lisaschaos said…
Oh I would love to get paid for reading blogs! Heaven!
Alison said…
let me know if you find a way to get paid for blog reading!!
Gattina said…
I prefer Google Reader, there I know when the last post is published and I can put more of Blogger friends in. In the profile it becomes far too long and sometimes it's even confusing !
DesLily said…
I could go for being paid to read blogs! lol..

The only bad thing about the blog roll being in your profile is that others don't go there and I know at times I see names on a blog roll and check them out, but when you don't see them you don't think of that. I thought the blog roll was more for the "visitors". (silly me, I've never clicked on my own! but thats cause I have them listed in favorites on my browser and click on them all from there)

I hopy you and your family have a most wonderful Christmas Pam!!
Tiggerlane said…
I have yet to discover that wonderful feature - I vow to be a REAL blogger in 2009!

Have a beautiful and MERRY Christmas!
storyteller said…
I love the idea of being paid to read blogs ... and I use the 'follow' system on my blogger sites too, but I don't look at the list in the dashboard because it doesn't tell me what I've read and what I've not read ... so I look at it in Google Reader instead.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!
Hugs and blessings,
Marti said…
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
wendster said…
I ate your blog roll (too ... Swampy shared) ... right after I ate Baby Jesus. (inside joke from Gingerbread day. My sister, who had finished her gingerbread house and was ready to put her nativity scene in her gingerbread yard demanded: "Where is my Baby Jesus?!?!" Me: "I ate it." It's been a recurring refrain since.)
Ordinarylife said…
Paid to read blogs, now that would be my perfect job!
From another Pamela

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