Snowed In

On the road - and it is ICY!

Thank goodness I'm not really on the road, but safe and warm at Karmyn's house. They blame me for bringing the icy cold winter.

My road home includes all the icy pile ups on I-5, I-205, and I-84. The last highway can be an extremely treacherous journey on the Columbia River Gorge where it cuts through the Cascade Mountains. I don't have chains or studs - just walnut snow tires.

Last night I had trouble falling asleep as the wind knocked on the side of the house. It seemed that I just drifted into slumber when something woke me. At first I thought it was the cat jumping onto the bed. Then I revised my theory as the movement and sound surely was something larger, like a dog.

I sat up.

"Hi Grandma, " Buttercup said between chattering teeth. "Can I crawl in bed with you?"

I opened the covers and she snuggled in. Before long I had to send her back to her own bed - she is a wiggle worm.

The Caboose has been a snuggle bug and provided some awesome entertainment. (click here to see the sneak attack by Zoe, the black lab.)

Yesterday we had a Gingerbread House attack, too. This time by the other dog, Zeus.

Buttercup and Jammin' planned to decorate the gingerbread project as soon as Karmyn frosted the walls and roof into place. The frosting in the kit refused to hold the pieces in place.

Karmyn sent kids off to play while she considered the problem. When she walked back to the table, only three of the four walls remained.

"ZEUS!" she called. She knew it was his modem operandi.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the house, I noticed Zeus hiding between the couch and the piano.

Dave came home from work and decided that the house could be salvaged. He pulled out his favorite cook book, found a recipe for a gingerbread house, and baked another wall.

Karmyn made a batch of frosting this morning and the the kids completed their gingerbread house with all the trimmings.

Jammin' is a wise youngster. He set it up high where the dog can't reach it.

As well as enjoying grandchildren and pets, I am also keeping hummingbird feeders thawed and bird feeders cleared of snow. It is amazing to watch hummingbirds at my house in the summer, but it is seemingly implausible to see the Annas Hummingbirds in the icy blowing snow.

Female Annas hummingbird perching near the snowy ground beneath the feeder. The wind has blown the fluffy snow off the willowy branches.


Karmyn R said…
And we're enjoying having you here too! I hope the roads clear before you have to leave. At least the main highways to be clear!!!
heather said…
Sounds perfect! It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.
You know, I can't remember the last time I made a gingerbread house. Oh, yes, I can. In high school.
Jodi said…
I love how the hummingbird has it's feathers all tuffed out trying to keep warm... poor, little thing!
jettied said…
from you to us!! cold cold cold!! we got lotsa snow!!! cute little bird!!!
LadyStyx said…
Hey...send that snowout to the east coast! My area's only had an inch or so and I'd love to see some more.
susan said…
How fun! Keep enjoying those babies...and keep the ice to yourself!
C said…
The dog eating the one wall cracks me up.
Shelby said…
I heard yesterday on the news about the blizzard that was forecasted for Oregon. Do be safe and snuggle up.
kailani said…
Wow! Look at all the snow! Glad to hear you're enjoying time with the family!
Kila said…
I cheated and bought a Gingerbread House kit, with the house already made.

I'm sure the kids won't mind if you stay until spring. ;)
Desert Songbird said…
Sounds like you have lots of fun snowy weather activities keeping you inside and out! Enjoy your visit.
Betty said…
Hi Pamela,

I have been away and am late visiting since my return. I didn't realize you were away, too. The snow is beautiful. I wish we would get a big snow. I love the snow but don't want any ice.

I hope you don't try to leave for home with all the bad weather that is there right now.
Kaycie said…
I've never seen a hummingbird in cold weather. Ours are always gone by some time in October. What a cute little thing.
Tammy said…
Pamela, as you know, I'm not too far from we're snowed in too...with more on the way! I'm going to venture out very carefully to the nearby store to pick up some needed things...and because we have cabin fever.

Look at that sweet little hummingbird...hope it manages to stay warm enough!
nancypants said…
Do I ever know what you're talking about... from the cold weather (yesterday morning I woke up to -20°F!) to the treacherous driving conditions on those roads of which you speak, especially 84! We take that road every time we come and go from CA and it has been very windy and very rainy on more than one occasion. I'm very thankful we've not had snow and ice on that part of the road yet on our many travels. Not fun!!

Drive safely!
MarmiteToasty said…
Dam that sounds cold lol

Dont wiggling kids just about take the biscuit......

Stay safe..

lisaschaos said…
It's weird to see that hummer in the snow! I guess they move quick enough to keep warm?

By the by, we have had a couple of ladies decide they can't do the altered book thing so there are a couple of openings if you have decided that you might have time. No pressure, just letting you know you're still welcome. :) XO
I have never seen a Hummer in the snow! Way to go keeping the feeders unthawed! Hopefully it will warm up for them soon. Sounds like you are having a grand time! :)
karisma said…
Sounds like lots of snuggly fun goin' on over there! I loved those pictures of Caboose with the dog! I wanted to snuggle on them both! Yum! I am having such a great time tonight visiting all my wonderful blogbuds and laughing my head off! Im sure Kar told you what happened down here! Thankfully I am finally starting to laugh again! Hugs xxx Have a great xmas. We also are thinking of building a gingerbread house for the very first time! Wish us luck!
Elizabeth Bonds said…
Send some of that snow my way. It sounds a little too cold for me, though. Great pictures!
I love your post. Grandpa snoring on the couch woke my little sweetie up the other night - she walked down the hall and crawled in with me - and then we couldn't sleep! So we ate Lucky Charms (with milk!) in a coffee mug in bed and then both of us fell asleep. We didn't spill either!
kitten said…
Looks and sounds beautiful! It's just rain here.
dawn said…
I heard you were getting quite a bit of snow down there. Here is is a bit snowy but mostly very cold. Glad the gingerbread house could be salvaged. We found the same thing with the icing and there isn't enough. Of course we also usually buy extra candy. In the end, the dogs get the house sans candy because the kids don't like the gingerbread and it is usually hard as rock. Good dog treats.
Hummingbirds in December? This I have never seen. Keep warm!

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