Round Robin Photo Challenge - Art in the Park

When my memory chips are blinking I sometimes remember to play the Round Robin Photo Challenge. The inspiration today?
Public Art.

Every town across America has something artsy about it. Most cities have a public art program, although it may take a little bit of research to find where all the displays are located. My idea is to seek out the artsy side of the towns we live in or near, post the photo or photos and maybe write a short description of the art and the artist. If there is currently no display of Public Art in your area, then show us how your town decorates to invite visitors to your area. Banners, Welcome signs, etc

Now, our town has art every where you look. There is creativity on each corner in our beautiful little downtown.

This piece, however, happens to live in the park that is only a few blocks from my house.

"Large Covered Wagon" by Tom Otterness

There really is a cartoon quality to this sculpture that delights adults as well as children. Everyone loves to sit with the pipe smoking pioneer woman or ride on the back of the gigantic bull pulling the wagon.

This picture was taken two years ago when Curlymop was two. Her mommy (our daughter) was enjoying the moment too.

The artist must be pleased when his imagination enchants and educates the little ones. Hands on works like this teaches them that art can be fun.

Tour the Round Robin art show HERE.


What a fun statue! I love the cartoon characteristics. Definitely makes me smile!
Wammy said…
That statue makes me think of a tv show our oldest son used to watch...can't remember the name of it at the moment. If I think of it I will come back. Curlymop is too cute!
Gattina said…
That's a real funny art, lol !
Pamela, I love it! Great piece of artwork.

Your daughter and granddaughter are beautiful. Great works of art, too!
Em Dy said…
I love the cartoony feel too.
swampy said…
Love the expression on CurlyMop's face !
Looks like a fun place for adults and kids, alike !

Thanks for identifying the Angel's Trumpet ! Yes, that's EXACTLY what it is.

You are now my OFFICICIAL Bird and Flower identifier !
DesLily said…
lol got to love the boots on the ox!
Carly said…
Hi Pamela :)

Neat! What a cute whimsical piece! :) I love art that draws children in and that they can relate to. It's their first venture into the possibilities of creativity. WONDERFUL!

Carly :)
lisaschaos said…
I do love the cartoonish quality. :)
ChrisB said…
That is a great piece of sculpture, it really does make you want to touch it.
If you have time take a look at the pigs I showed pictures of yesterday.
Molly said…
That is a rather delightful sculpture. I am glad that you have included your family in the pictures. That adds yet another dimension to a great photo.
Jenni said…
I knew I recognized his work!
There was another one of his works on display at the Wichita Art Museum for a long time. It was a huge table with all kinds of tiny figures all over it. You could look at those things for hours.
Jenni said…
Here's the other piece I was thinking of:
And did you know that Tom Otterness was born in Wichita, Kansas? I didn't until just now.
kitten said…
That is awesome!!!!!!
kitten said…
That is awesome!!!!!!
Oh, that is wonderful! Somehow it reminds me of Popeye, and I love that it's not too serious. Your little girl in the first photo i great - she really makes the shot!
TJ said…
Laughing...I think I have come very close to such art with playdough.
Isn't that just darling!!
Great entry.
Thanks for sharing.
That's so cute :)

I played too :)
Amanda said…
Awwww, Curlymop was so tiny! It's a really neat statue. I'll have to take her back there when we come to visit again.
Gaynor said…
Love these pictures and all your posts Pam.
Susie said…
Hi Pamela,
This is so cute and whimsical :)
Love the picture of your daughter and granddaughter enjoying it!
MyMaracas said…
How fun it must be to enter into that world of childhood! I'd be sitting on that bull in a heartbeat.
Betty said…
What a neat piece of art. Very unusual looking. Thank you for sharing it with us.
dawn said…
Public art can be very interesting. Lovely photos. I came by last week when I was showing my mom your blog. I showed her the video of the fish and commented. She doesn't have high speed, but is planning to get it and seems quite interested in blogs so you may end up with another reader in the next few months.
Jama said…
This is a beautiful piece of art! something even a kid will enjoy.
Susie Q said…
Such a fun piece and something that the kids will love for sure. If it helps turn them on to art, even better! Love the pictures of your pretty girls!

Julie said…
I love it!! This has been my favorite art so far! Curly Mop & Mom could be part of that reason too! :) Curly Mop sure has grown.
wendster said…
I want to ride that bull!

That so reminds me of a cartoon character but it's too far back in my memory to summon it up accurately. Kind of an hour glass black and white character. Maybe some Katzen somethings? But were they black and white? Mickey Mouse Song features with that clarabelle cow? Something.

Gosh. Now it's bugging me.

I need some of those memory chips you mentioned.

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