Ice The Cake

Don't worry. I really did use chocolate.
Happy Birthday Karmyn.


LadyStyx said…
Beautiful picture!
Happy Birthday Karmyn!!
Kaycie said…
I love that pic. Happy Birthday to Karmyn!
Desert Songbird said…
Beautiful photo, but it makes me cold!

Happy Birthday, Karmyn! (You're a good mom, Pamela, to visit your daughter for her birthday.)
Amanda said…

Good pic, mom!
Beautiful but chilly. Hope you're finding ways to stay warm.
Hugs and blessings,
Karmyn R said…
Thank you - At least that icing won't go to my hips.
Elizabeth Bonds said…
Beautiful picture. I wish we had enough snow to get little icicles.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, too.

Have a Merry Christmas.
swamp~elf said…
B-r-r-r-r !
Your town made the front page of our "Daily Sentinel" place to live in the U.S.
Grand Junction was #12 out of 20.
Kila said…
Happy Birthday to Karmyn!
ChrisB said…
Peter said…
G'day Pamela and Karmyn, happy birthday to one and thank you for your support for Vicki and the rest of us it is much appreciated.
kitten said…
LOL! Very Cute! Happy Birthday Karmyn!
DesLily said…
wow, great pic!

Happy b'day Karymn!
thru the lips and straight to the hips.. yep I get it! oh boy do i ever!
Hey Pamela, great ICING..the no fuss natural kind! Happy Bithday to Karmyn! Pamala are you going to join us in the Altered Books Round Robin? I hope so! I have no idea what I will do yet but something artsy! Email Lisa today!! :)
dawn said…
Happy Birthday Karmyn, I hope you had a great day.

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