The Topic is Food. What else is there?

I am not strictly a vegetarian.  I just prefer not to eat meat.

I will have a small amount of turkey at Thanksgiving Dinner, chicken is acceptable if I am truly hungry, and I won't turn down a fresh halibut or salmon dinner.  But, I sure do pay attention to their origin.  I prefer free-range poultry and wild fish or I say Pass the Tofu, please!

You can't be so picky when you go to a restaurant. Restaurant food is, of course, my favorite food because I don't have to prepare it.

It is getting easier to order non-meat dishes at restaurants.  Years ago a picky eater was pretty much confined to green salads and bread when dining out.  Now even my favorite Mexican restaurant here in town has vegetarian choices.  One of the local Chinese restaurants offers non meat eaters a soy or gluten based substitute in their chicken dishes that are delicious.  It is a rare menu that doesn't at least offer a "garden-burger" to the vegetarian diner.  It may be a bit more difficult for a vegan.

When we go visit my daughter in Portland we almost always go to Sivalai, a Thai restaurant. When they see me coming they know that they will be substituting "TOFU" in place of the meat in any choice I make on the menu.   How I love their TOFU Pad Thai and the Massaman Curry made with Tofu.   Add that to a side of spicy crisp green beans!  AND... we have tried everything on the menu.  There was only one thing that none of us liked. High praise, don't you think?

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ps.  Debbi is hosting this Fun Monday Tribute.


littledebbie said…
Thanks for playing. :)
Jill said…
thanks for saying who was hosting. I had no idea, will go over, post and link up...

also I HAVE to have meat, but we have a vegetarian babysitter. She lives on mac and cheese.
karisma said…
I am not a complete vegetarian either, although I sometimes go years without touching meat. Depends on my body. I prefer not to eat meat but some times I crave it. Usually when I am not eating enough iron or protein in my diet. I find here that a lot restaurants still don't really cater to vegetarians. Sure they have a couple of simple things but nothing to rave about. Thai is great, they have a vegie option for everything and will even do gluten free when asked. :-)
ChrisB said…
I did try cooking with tofu but none of the dishes were well received by the family and it was many years ago!
Peter said…
Hi Pamela,thanks for the trip down memory lane, you have been a reminder of all the great things and people that made my 9 years as a blogger so enjoyable.
Sad to say I have now, unwillingly, succumbed to the "lazy" style of facebook and the joy of Pinterest, so my visits to Blogland are rare and quite selective.... that's why you're still on the list of course.
I've just been on your journey, thus far, back to blogland and experienced all the pleasure and pain it can bring often though teary eyes either through sorrow or joy... Thank You!!!!!!
Intense Guy said…
I am about the same as you "dietary-wise". It's been a large factor in my getting back into good (umm.. better?) health.

I recently drove my parents home from Florida to Pennsylvania - a long drive of 1,200 miles and without help from them - the endurance I did not have even a year ago.

I hope your "eating right" helps you feel so much better and helps you be as healthy as can be! :)

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