Wide and Perfect

The search for a dress to wear for my daughter's wedding has been discouraging.

Nothing fits.  My body has changed.  I've gained weight.  The clothes are yucky.  You name it.
Today I was downright blue.

On a phone call, the grooms mother mentioned that she likes to go to a consignment store in her town that often has some very nice and gently used dresses.  She had been there the day before but hadn't found anything for her.  Still, she encouraged, that doesn't mean I wouldn't find something.

I told my husband I would drive over there today.  I kept putting it off with other tasks and errands that needed to be done.  When he got home from school I had still delayed the shopping trip.  He offered to go with me.  It is an hour drive so the company would be nice.

The store was very small and I almost felt claustrophobic when I walked in .  You could hardly walk through the aisles for the racks upon racks of items for sale.

The sweetest young woman showed up by my side immediately and bubbled out, "Can I help you find something?"

"Yes.  HELP ME."   Well, I really didn't say that.  Anyone who knows me and knows my  aversion to clothes shopping would believe it, however.

So I told this young lady  what I was looking for and why.  Her eyes widened and she sort of did a little dance and excitedly reported,   " I have it, I know I have a dress that is perfect for you.  I just have to find it.  I know it is in here somewhere.."

She pulled me around to the back of the store where there was a tiny little dressing room surrounded by more racks with dresses and skirts.  She rifled through one section and pulled out a beautiful long dress and matching jacket.

She was nearly jumping up and down when she showed it to me.  It was pretty.

I looked at the size and then I exhaled.  Too Small.

""No!  No!  No! "  She held it out towards me and  insisted that it would fit and again said that it was perfect for me.

I rolled my eyes and said, "Honey, I haven't worn a 14 in a long time.  This is to small."

"But it is a 14 Wide!" She was still so happy and pleased and I could tell by the look on her face and the excitement that she was exuding  that she was not concerned about the size.

I wanted to be happy and ecstatic like she was...but 14.  I haven't seen that in years.  But, WIDE?  Now that had my attention.

 "W stands for women's sizes."  I told her with a sigh, "but it still isn't big enough."

This is when the sweet face dropped just a titch and she asked, "Why would they have to put "Women" on a dress?  Men don't wear them."

Any other time I would have laughed out loud.  But, she was so young and so earnest, and the kind of kid any grandmother would cherish.  So I just told her very matter-of- fact like that "When a dress is marked W or Women's size it mean that it is designed for a more mature figure.  Rounder.  You know?"

"Eoooh, I didn't know that.  I learned something new today."   Then, she held the dress out to me once more and giggled,    " Try it on anyway. Won't you, please?"

So I tried it on.  And she was right.

It was wide!  And it was perfect.   So I giggled too.  And I bought it.


Nancy said…
Thanks for the chuckle this morning. So glad that you found a dress for the wedding. Enjoy!

I love looking for clothing in stores like this because the items are unique: the chances of going to an event and finding someone else wearing the same thing are practically nil.
ChrisB said…
Glad you found the perfect dress. Will look out for a picture when the time comes :)
Steve Skinner said…
A story with a happy ending!
Jan said…
Yeah, for you. Can't wait to see you in it.
Sayre said…
I LOVE THIS! Consignment stores are wonderful, but usually you have to keep browsing around for a long time before you find IT. Very lucky that your store had such an enthusiastic proprietor - she knew her stock (even if she didn't know what "W" stood for). I'm going to be laughing about that one for a long time.
Jill said…
thanks for the giggle
KaThYinCoLoRaDo said…
Giggle. Giggle. I LOVE consignment stores. So many treasures there. I especially like them if I'm not looking for something in particular. Glad you were successful.
So glad you found something decent to wear! A wedding...what fun! Good to see you back! :)
Gattina said…
Congratulations ! It's not easy to find an outfit for a wedding. Fortunately my son's wedding was not formal at all ! After 9 years of living together and a son of 3 they made it very unformal ! I don't like shopping for clothes either and found a wonderful blouse a jacket and a matching scarf with black trousers on the market, for nearly nothing, lol !
Intense Guy said…

That had to chase the blues away!

I hope you enjoy your daughter's special day - and they it is relaxed and not the "nightmare" so many weddings seem to be for family.

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